Test Dr.Bauer Beauty Apparatus to teach you effective age-freezing method

2022-06-29 14:01

With the increase of age, the metabolism of the human body becomes slow, and many skin problems follow. Around the age of 27, it is a big turning point in the fate of the skin towards aging. Especially after the age of 27, the skin looks young and smooth, but the seeds of aging have been scattered at the bottom of the skin. Don't panic! Let's despise it strategically and value it tactically! Make it our starting point for amazing skin. In the HOLD era, anti-aging? Not a problem! Dr.Bauer beauty and skin care equipment, a high-end skin care brand, pampers the skin.

Let's take a look at the five Dr.Bauer beauty instruments recommended by the editor for everyone, and they are also the five instruments that experts have personally evaluated. The effect is absolutely beyond your imagination!

In order to experience the real effect of Dr.Bauer's beauty artifacts, Hong Kong Esurai took out five of the most popular Dr.Bauer Dr.Bauer products on the market for customers to experience and evaluate.

The No. 1 reviewer:

37-year-old female with combination skin, oily T-zone, dull skin, severe dark circles and bags under the eyes, sagging and inelasticity, large pores, wrinkles and spots, and being out of shape.

Test product: Dr.Bauer beauty machine

The beauty instrument of this brand is said to be the beauty artifact of Korean women, and its popularity in South Korea is almost "everyone".

Before testing the Dr. Bauer beauty machine, the tester first applied the matching youth nutrition introduction cream to the face, eyes, and legs, and then used the beauty device to apply the beauty device to the left cheek, left forehead, left eye area, and left side in turn. massage on the T-zone. Put down the enamel head after the massage. There is a visible yellow stain on it.

After experiencing the 3 modes of the "artifact" in sequence, the tester felt that the oily part of the T-section was less oily, the skin looked radiant and smoother than before, and the cheeks were obviously firmed and lifted. The eye circles are significantly reduced, the fine lines are reduced, the thighs are firm, and the effect is particularly good. It is more suitable for the skin of mature women whose skin is beginning to decline.

Number two reviewer:

Female, 29 years old, oily skin, shiny flat face, rough and loose skin, fine lines, rough pores, double chin.

Test product: Dr.Bauer baby face machine

The tester cleaned the right face, and then experienced the mode of this product in turn, and the continuous use time was 15 minutes. After using it, the pores will feel smaller, the dark circles and eye bags will fade, the double chin will be firmer, the skin will feel more elastic and smoother, and the wrinkles around the eyes will be reduced. After using it for 15 minutes, you can see the effect once, which strengthens the quality of Dr. Bauer's products and also inspires consumers' determination to persevere for a long time.

No. 3-reviewer:

Female, 32 years old, with edematous face, loose and rough face, no elasticity, dull complexion with pigmentation.

Dr.Bauer's inverse muscle age radio frequency instrument

This beauty device has immediate cosmetic results, especially in removing edema. The reviewer usually chews with the right teeth when eating, so the right face is slightly larger than the left. In order to make the comparison effect more obvious, the tester only used it on the right side of the face and massaged the face according to the method demonstrated in the manual. After the whole course of treatment (about 10 minutes), the right face was obviously smaller than the left face, and the nasolabial folds were also lighter. The massage also promotes blood circulation, and the overall complexion is improved.

Another expert said, "The RF beauty technology used in this beauty instrument is really amazing. "After the experience, it is as refreshing and comfortable as coming out of a beauty salon, and the face-lifting effect is great.

4th reviewer:r:

Female: 48 years old, with increased wrinkles around the eyes, serious dark circles and bags under the eyes, and loose skin around the eyes without elasticity.

Test product: Dr.Bauer's eye beauty device

Use the eye beauty instrument to massage along the skin around the eyes. Pay attention to the direction of the massage, not pushing and pulling back and forth. After massaging for about 10 minutes, the eye lines on the right eye have been significantly reduced, and the contrast with the left face is more obvious. The dark circles and bags under the eyes are obviously reduced, the corners of the eyes are lifted, the skin around the eyes is firmed and lifted, and the skin around the eyes is brightened. This eye beauty device can also be charged by computer USB and uses the new multi-polar radio frequency principle to activate fibroblasts. It awakens skin regeneration, making it easier for the eyes to renew their youthful glow.

The No. 5 reviewer:

Female: 39-year-old pregnant woman, obese, with a lot of belly fat, loose skin, and no elasticity.

Test product: Dr.Bauer slimming device

To lose weight with Dr.Bauer's slimming device, the first step is to apply RF radio frequency special body sculpting cream evenly on the part to be treated, massage until it becomes transparent and oily. The second step is to press the "treatment selection button," Start a 20-minute course of massage on the arms, waist, abdomen, thighs, calves, and other parts. After the course of treatment, the massaged skin has a firming effect, the skin becomes more elastic, and there is no discomfort after use.

This slimming device continuously stimulates the proliferation of collagen through radio frequency massage, which has obvious effects on promoting skin regeneration, decomposing fat, eliminating toxins, tightening the skin, fighting against cellulite, deeply eliminating the "obesity factor" in the body, and making the body curvy. beautiful, smooth skin.

Many urban women who are at the forefront of fashion have already started to use Dr. Bauer beauty equipment or are on their way to enjoying its magical effects. Dr.Bauer's beauty equipment makes age a secret; age is no longer a problem, and the skin can become younger every day, allowing you to easily have the exclusive charm of a woman!

The beautiful choice ultimately depends on your own actual needs. When choosing home beauty equipment, please look for the brand of Dr. Baao---the leader in the high-end beauty equipment industry.

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