The 15 most worthwhile cream blushes for makeup color competition

2022-06-28 09:19

Today I will share the 15 cream blushes recommended by the person who thinks that they are worth buying.

S304 is an Eliss Faas blush shade that costs $34.

The design of the bullet is not only easy to use but also very easy to carry. It is extremely suitable for travel and makeup use. It is easy to push, lasts a long time, and is very comfortable to use. The color number S304 is also a burgundy fall and winter color. If you think this color is a little mature, you can try the brighter coral color S302.

'Chubby Stick' Moisturizing Cheek Color Balm: Roly Poly Rosy $21

The chubby blush pen launched by Clinique this year does not have pearlescent light, so it is easy to push and not sticky, and the colors are very everyday. The prices are also quite affordable, with a lot of discounts.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks: Raspberry, $27

The blogger recommended BB's lip and cheek dual-use cream. The color recommended by the blogger is Raspberry, which is more autumn and winter, and some people with fair skin will find this color darker. This blush is easy to apply and not sticky; it's long-lasting and extremely natural!

Jane Iredale In-Touch Cream Blush: Clarity $27

Jane Iredale is a relatively small brand. This blush stick has a strong cocoa flavor, a creamy texture, a light touch, and is moisturizing and natural-looking!

Color Fix Blush Stick Coral by Laura Geller $24

Many mm are familiar with this brand, and their rose cake (blush) has a good reputation! This blush stick has a cream to powder texture. Light and thin, easy to push, the color of coral is also very versatile!

L'Oréal Visible Lift Blush: Soft Pink $12

The blush cream is a good choice for the price. Soft Pink is a very versatile, tender pink. The effect is very natural and not sticky. The price is very high!

Posey MAC Cremeblend Blush $22

Posey is a gentle and versatile rose color from the classic brand, quality is absolutely guaranteed, long-lasting makeup, and supple.

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