The airport is like a battlefield in June

2023-01-30 06:01

Quan Zhilong

The first thing we saw was Quan Zhilong, a young man full of personality that can make women's clothing become immoral and make men's clothing an invisible firewall. Take a look at this airport street shooting, the blue coat and the hat that cover his face, and his attitude that he can't see the road but also has a concave shape makes him a model of airport street shooting in the "not stingy" style, but let's take this look. Don't try it lightly, after all, it's easy to hit a telephone pole!

Liu Shishi

After talking about Quan Zhilong, Liu Shishi came here lightly! A black top with dark jeans, a pair of square-toed shoes sprinkled with gems and a black baseball cap. Such a low-key dress shows the elegant state of Liu Shishi's body. It looks like a relaxed street shot. In the next second, it is said that Shishi is still carrying luggage by himself, it seems! There is no contradiction between the goddess and the female man.

Chen Xuedong

On June 7th, Chen Xuedong appeared at the airport in All Black, Kawakubo Rei's top and pants, with LV platform shoes and Dior red-rimmed sunglasses, the whole body looks full of fashion, and the addition of wide straps also looks more stylish! Click and take a picture to make sure you are pleasing to the eye.

Yang Mi

Carrying goods queen Yang Mi, in June again chose to show her legs and show up at the airport. Chic's denim clothes and hot pants are the best choice for showing legs in summer. Don't look at Yang Mi's outfit that is full of casual collocation, but they are all highly sought-after big-name new products. The new Cahier bag from Prada 2017 autumn and winter is low-key to steal the spotlight, and Celine's white shoes are full of vitality.

Zhang Han

In June, Zhang Han wore a black BALENCIAGA Balenciaga T-shirt and showed up at the airport. He was full of simplicity and style in all black. He was full of manpower, and his long legs were invincible!

Li Yan

On June 30, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng's daughter Li Yan appeared at Beijing T3 Airport, dressed in a casual holiday dress, preparing for her first catwalk experience. In Paris Fashion Week, the cool and handsome Li Yan is simply a supermodel posture, sassy and heroic.

Li Yuchun

In June, Li Yuchun, who appeared twice, was dressed in a refreshing fashion. A simple black T-shirt with jeans is full of leisure. At the airport, Li Yuchun also received a "little princess" to pick up the plane. The warm-hearted Chunchun not only holds the little fans all the way, but also bends over to ask questions from time to time, and becomes gentle sister in seconds. Like the warm heart love bean Li Yuchun!

Gao Yuanyuan

The national goddess Gao Yuanyuan appeared at the airport in June, with a black and white casual outfit at the airport. A white T-shirt with a pleated long skirt, coupled with a combination of flat canvas shoes, is fresh, simple and full of activities, making the wife tall and round and beautiful like a high school student. The wide-shoulder organ bag from MARNI makes fashionable upgrades.

Jing Boran

Jing Boran’s June airport street shooting was also very exciting, wearing a basic Maison Margiela ginger knit pullover with Markaware black slacks, and Valentino yellow sneakers showing up at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, fresh and handsome.

Song Qian

In early June, Victoria Song appeared at the airport to perfectly interpret the white and beautiful long legs, simple off-white white half-sleeves with small white shoes, and the passionate red CHANEL pocket embellishment to make the summer breath rushing. Booty jeans full of details, highlighting the long legs.

Who is beautiful? You have the final say!

After reviewing the wonderful June Star Colon Street Shooting, the wonderful July is still waiting for you! Stay tuned.

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