The beautiful lip makeup strikes, and the stars interpret the charm of Dior Dior

2022-08-22 06:02

Lip makeup has gradually established its dominance in the beauty industry in recent years. From matte to lip biting, every season there is a "star" lip makeup that sets off a craze for the whole people. At the beginning of the spring of 2016, Dior Dior's charming lip makeup is coming, leading a new trend of gorgeous lip makeup, and the stars are the first to interpret this unprecedented fashion brilliance.

Dior Dior Charm Lipstick is the symbol of beauty and fashion, the color vane of the fashion industry, and the lip love between Dior and charm. With the fashion spirit of the show, she smiled and inspired the dazzling lips of thousands of women. Liu Shishi, the most beautiful bride who has just been promoted to "Miss Wu", is also very fond of the sparkling colors of Dior's charming lipstick. A touch of the wonderful #561 gentle baby powder is in perfect harmony with its gentle and tranquil femininity, plus the embellishment of pearl particles. A refined and agile elegance.

So dazzling, so charming, Dior Dior Charm Lipstick has been fascinated by countless women since its launch in 2001, but her extraordinary charm is far more than that. Modern, beautiful, luxurious, colorful, free... Her graceful posture can't be resisted even by the male god William Chan.

Wu Junmei, an Asian actress who was awarded the Oscar for life and was once selected as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by the American "People" magazine. Sparkling, cheerful, and bold, Dior #976 is her favorite, reinterpreting the definition of pink with rich color and pearlescent particles of the same tone, giving the ageless goddess a radiant, urban feel.

Another charming man who is fascinated by Dior's charming lip color - the eternal "seventeen-year-old boy", Li Chen, the now mature and transformed charming man "big black cow". The modern color code that makes him so masculine can't escape, only in the new Dior Dior Charm Lipstick.

As a new revolutionary lipstick, Dior Dior Charm Lipstick is bound to lead a new lip makeup trend. At the launch of the new Dior Dior Enchanting Lipstick, fashion anchor Linda showed up as a loyal fan, and smeared her beloved Dior Dior Enchanting Lipstick Qiaoshou #553, the elegant rosewood color lip makeup made her exude an unprecedented spring flower like Elegant and charming.

The new Dior Allure Lipstick opens a new era of makeup that has never been seen before. 22 extraordinary shades are modern and fashionable, and each makeup look can be unique. What's more special is that it gives three different light sensations, which significantly increases the choice of color models. How to shine, a thousand and one ways, you can choose. Everyday shades gleam on lips in classic, elegant natural shades; bold and fiery bursts of color, such as oranges and blushes, collide with eye-catching color play; Flood shades incorporate pearlescent particles and star sand sequins for full-angle reflection The light shines brightly.

At the same time, Dior Dior Enchanting Lipstick gives lips an unprecedented radiance. Every time you use it, the glossy glaze layer melts into the lips, and the clear, soft, smooth texture instantly wraps them in silk. Each shade shines brighter than ever, visually plumping lips for longer lasting makeup. In addition, it contains an exclusive gel core composed of three shimmering essential oils - soothing essential oil to help moisturise lips, leaving lips plump, smooth, revitalized, and non-sticky; protective essential oil to enhance Color adherence, make makeup last longer; Comfort Essential Oil gives lipstick a smooth and smooth texture, bringing a new sense of luxury.

Highly recognizable bright colors, excellent display of avant-garde creativity, dazzling and gorgeous Dior Dior charming attitude performed by Hollywood goddess Jennifer Lawrence. The symbol of glamour for modern women this season is the new Dior alluring lipstick.

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