The beauty artifact of the long-faced girl paper, the cute bangs, and the easy UP appearance

2022-07-25 17:36

The beauty artifact of the long-faced sister paper! ? Mengmeng's bangs are worth rubbing up!

This short hairstyle covers the forehead with heavy bangs, which instantly solves the problem of long face. The fluffy hairstyle looks very stylish!

The long-faced girl paper becomes a cute and cute girl in one second! It's all thanks to Mengmeng's bangs!

The slight eversion of the curly hair has the effect of shaping the face, and the long-faced girl paper can also be very cute!

The large bangs can cover the forehead and make the face proportion more perfect. The short haircut with layers is not only fashionable and individual.

The design of the inner button makes the face more petite and cute, and it has the effect of repairing the face!

Irregular bangs with medium curly hair can also make the outline of a long face more beautiful.

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