The best way to moisturise in winter

2022-09-16 13:54

Introduction: To say that the most moisturizing women in the world, Japanese girls are definitely on the top of the list. Every time I watch Japanese dramas, in addition to the clothes, shoes and bags of the crazy long grass heroine, I also want to ask why their skin is so good. Even in dry winter skin can look supple and translucent!

Alright, alright, the most effective and in-moisturizing method is here to stay.

Moisturizing sake from ancient geisha

Many Japanese girls also pour a little sake into warm water in the dry autumn and winter seasons. After removing makeup, they gently wash their face to activate the skin and also have moisturizing effect, making the skin appear naturally white and red. In fact, in ancient times, Japanese geisha would apply sake to the face before applying makeup to moisturize the skin to reduce the damage of makeup to the skin. It is said that this method of washing face with sake is novel, but the times have changed, and how can Japanese girls who are good at developing beautiful skin recipes stop there and look down! !

"Tofu mask" in the middle of the last century

Delicious Japanese tofu can be used not only for cooking but also for wiping your face. Many Japanese girls crumble tofu and put it in a gauze bag, use it to rub the face lightly after washing, or add some flour and flour to the crumbled tofu. Honey, applied on the face like a mask can not only effectively resist oxidation, but also strengthen the skin's moisturizing power, which is the favorite point of Japanese girls, because in autumn and winter, they value moisturizing more than anything else! Don't think that tofu is a different way of playing, even if it's novel, the big move is still below! 

As Japan is a world-renowned beauty country, how can traditional skin treatments such as sake and tofu satisfy Japanese girls' pursuit of beauty? ! Therefore, when a new natural skin care raw material, the rare Suizenji cyanobacteria, was discovered, a "hydration campaign" was launched to moisturize the cyanobacteria in Japan.

Natural skin care raw materials popular in Japan - rare cyanobacteria

In recent years, cyanobacteria with super skin-beautifying effects have been sought after by Japanese girls, especially in autumn and winter. Eating cyanobacteria is not only good for health, but also has the effect of hydrating and whitening. Of course, meals are essential. Tracing back to the origin, as early as 1872, Dutch scholar Seglin discovered in Kumamoto that rare cyanobacteria from Suizenji had excellent cosmetic effects. Therefore, local women mashed the cyanobacteria and applied it to the face like a mask for maintenance, and they found the skin magically. Keeps hydrated and smooth for a long time. Gradually, this rare cyanobacteria has become a well-known skin-beautifying moisturizing ingredient in Japan. It's right to "defeat" cyanobacteria together with Japanese girls in autumn and winter! 

The must-have autumn and winter moisturizing king of Japanese girls - San Quran Bubble Mask

Japan's beauty products are of extremely high quality, and people from all over the world are often seen searching for skin care products in the streets and alleys. While pursuing the integration of cutting-edge technology, they also bring in natural and natural elements. In autumn and winter, almost everyone in Japan will buy the moisturizing king-Saint Clara. Its bubble mask series is also called a fashionable and practical autumn and winter moisturizing must-have item by Japanese girls. Let's take a look. Why can it win the hearts of countless girls.

1. Food-grade natural skin care product raw materials - Spirulina from Shuiqian Temple.

2. Fun and practical foaming mask without fluorescent agent.

3. It is refined from the hot spring water of Izumo Yumura (a famous Japanese beauty soup) with a history of more than 1200 years.

4. The bubble is one-50th of the diameter of the pore and reaches the bottom layer of the skin.

The popularity is so high, also because the cyanobacteria of Suizenji is too precious. It is rich in SACRAN ingredients, has an amazing water absorption capacity of 5,000 times, and has 10 times the moisturizing and water-locking ability of hyaluronic acid! 10 times, what is the concept, the effect of using a piece of St. Clair foaming moisturizing mask is equivalent to ten times that of other moisturizing masks using hyaluronic acid! In the case of the same unit price and the same effect, it saves 9 times the price! It is an affordable brand. It's no wonder that the most beautiful beauties in Japan all have one.

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