The concert becomes a fashion show than listening to music. What is more enjoyable than listening to music is to watch Zhang Bichen create a fashion feast

2022-10-31 06:02

After enjoying the super auditory feast, let's give you another bitter news. I want to come, fans have already waited until their heart is itching, let the concert become a fashion show, let's learn about Zhang Bichen's hundreds of changes!

Everything is a good start, so the first look of the concert must surprise the audience! This time, Zhang Bichen chose an Oscar de la Renta champagne laminated light gauze skirt to open the show. The retro Ryan Lo white veil added a touch of hazy and charming to the whole look.

Of course, the role of accessories should not be underestimated. Fairy-style gauze skirts and ethnic exaggerated round earrings give Zhang Bichen an ethereal and dreamy sense.

After playing the little fairy who fell into the world, Zhang Bichen again pretended to be an avant-garde girl with a strong sense of art. This look, which was exposed before the concert, is full of personality and vitality.

Undercover's yellow tutu skirt and Alexander McQueen's red leather gloves, the bright contrast design is sharp and avant-garde! Coupled with these exaggerated irregular earrings, it not only shows a small face, but also has an atmosphere! And under the dim warm light of the concert, the whole look is more gorgeous and feminine.

When it comes to Zhang Bichen’s concert, the variety of looks is definitely not just casual talk! One second was the handsome princess in the castle, and the next second she turned into a dynamic girl with a bling bling fringed suspender skirt.

The sequined fringe headwear is paired with a silver fringed skirt. The layers of fringe not only outline a beautiful figure, but also add a sense of the future like an aurora dream.

And the next set of looks can be described as the most modern set in the entire concert!

The extremely tight Balmain skirt with blue over-the-knee boots, using bold contrast to show off the tough Voguing Pose, you can wear it like this if you have beautiful legs.

In the end, Zhang Bichen returned to the stage as a mermaid princess, wearing a white dress with oversized spiral earrings once again stunning the audience!

After watching the look of Zhang Bichen's Aurora concert, 5 sets of look and 5 styles, which one is your favorite?

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