The dark blue that cannot be missed

2022-09-20 13:17

People who like dark blue are very calm and stable in character, and honest, they attach great importance to the trust relationship between people, can take care of the people around them, and be polite in interacting with others. Dark blue represents a broad mind and is the most trustworthy color. 

——Color test psychologist M.Lusher

Mature women in the workplace who have experienced years of precipitation are elegant and calm, and don't need more bright colors as a foil. They are suitable for the steady and low-key dark blue.

However, it is not easy to wear dark blue well. The choice of styles should be simple and the design does not need to be too fancy. The simple styles are more textured and will give you a good temperament.

Special attention should be paid to the color matching. The whole set of dark blue is indeed very advanced, but adding a little color embellishment to the matching will make the overall shape more bright, and different colors will also match completely different styles and temperaments.

Dark blue ➕ white: more noble and elegant

The bright white breaks the dullness of the dark blue, and it can immediately attract the attention of others.

The combination of blue nobility and white fashion will extend a low-key luxury noble temperament.

Dark blue ➕ gray: create a sense of laziness and casual fashion

Compared to other colors, dark blue is actually more versatile with gray, and it can also create a lazy and casual feeling.

The tranquility of gray can set off the melancholy and cleanness of blue, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

Dark blue ➕ camel: outstanding temperament

Dark blue with camel will give people an elegant and sophisticated impression, and it is a color that highlights the temperament.

Dark blue and camel and black and camel are equally versatile, but they are more outstanding in temperament and personality.

Dark blue ➕ black: combining skill and fashion

Dark blue with black is a match with a strong aura. It does not have the suffocation of a black suit, and its inherent high-end sense can make you relaxed and fashionable.

Appropriate and generous skirts and bottoms are also a must-have for workplace wear. Does the combination of dark blue and black add a little more calm atmosphere?

Dark blue ➕ light blue: full score for age reduction

Dark blue with light blue, the contrast of color depth makes the shape more deeply rooted in people's hearts. Light blue's innate sense of age reduction makes your workplace wear more affinity.

It is also a good choice to match with blue striped shirts, both of which have advanced characteristics, even if they are matched with the same color system, they will not feel too overlapping.

Dark blue ➕ plaid: timeless classic

Plaid is an element that will never go out of fashion, and it is more stable when paired with dark blue, and it also retains the classic characteristics.

The plaid shawl is placed on the coat, adding a sense of fashion and removing the bloated feeling.

There is no dark blue single product this year, and I am embarrassed to say that I am a qualified professional fashionista, so it is worth adding a few more dark blue singles to your wardrobe!

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