The embodiment of exquisite life in spring Cool cosmetic bag

2022-07-06 11:32

cute polka dots

Some polka dots on a hot day might be distracting, but the cute candy-colored polka dots are a bit playful!

Dior Summer 2016 Milky Dots Collection

The new series launched by Dior this time did not follow the high-end atmosphere and high-grade style, but took the super cute pop polka dot style, which is full of youth and vitality.

And the color matching is particularly cool. When traveling in summer, apply cool makeup to the scene. This is the correct way to open it in summer!

Marc Jacobs sweet honey eau de toilette

Fragrance: Sunshine Floral

Top notes: pear, fruit punch, citrus;

Middle notes: cherry blossom, peach nectar, honeysuckle;

Base Notes: Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods.

The cute polka dot bottle exudes unexpected modernity and elegance, bringing a sweeter, fresher and more unique charm.

Clinique Sonic Cleanser - Purple/Green Polka Dot Limited Edition

Do you think Clinique's ordinary facial cleanser is silly and nothing new? Now he has super cute polka dots! Divided into purple and green, green is fresh, with the sweetness of plants; purple is romantic, with the beauty of the starry sky. Attention straight men! Give the polka dot cleanser as your next gift!

cool pop style

The most eye-catching in hot weather must be the brightest colors and eye-catching designs, colorful enough to dispel the dullness and dullness brought by the high temperature. So why don't the manic spring come cool with pop stripes? The more pop, the more fashionable it is, especially for the younger generation!

MAC Vibe Tribe Summer 2016 Collection

MAC's tribal series is simply a capitalized pop stripe control. The stripes derived from the classics did not look solemn and old-fashioned before, but are there any special trends? Sure enough, fashion is not for chasing, but for waiting.

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