The fashionista will not tell you that wearing these 3 pairs of jeans in summer is cool and fashionable.

2022-10-31 06:01

Recently, I received a lot of messages about jeans , "What jeans are recommended for summer?" and "Which material is the coolest jeans?".

Jeans are the evergreen tree in the fashion industry. They have been popular for hundreds of years. They are synonymous with fashion, classic, durable and comfortable, and they are all-match items that can hold all year round .

This time, I selected 3 jeans that are tall, thin and suitable for summer, and share them with you.

1. Tencel jeans

Jeans are thick, heavy and airtight. Can they be worn in summer?

That you do not know something called Tencel fabric of it, its scientific name lyocell , also called regenerated cellulose fiber , it has both the comfort of cotton, polyester's strength also includes, of course, silk The silky touch makes it easy to take care of.

Jeans with Tencel fabric feel cooler on the upper body than shorts . Anti-mosquito , sun -proof , and anti-air conditioning are really versatile.

Loose trousers can not only hide meat , but also show good leg shape, high waist waist, contract to "remove" the fat on the waist and crotch.

Even if I put the T-shirt in, I can't see my belly! It is very suitable for pear-shaped girls , as if they have lost 10 pounds.

If you have more calf muscles or your legs are not straight, wear it to ensure that you can hide tightly.

Everyday we wear a striped T-shirt and a pair of platform shoes on our feet , casual and fashionable.

When you go to work, you can wear a solid-color shirt and a delicate bag on your shoulders. The shoes need formal square-toed shoes . Isn't it a workplace ?

2. Pure cotton jeans

The second recommended jeans are made of pure cotton fabric . Pure cotton has the characteristics of softness, breathability, and sweat absorption. In addition, it is light and thin enough, so this recommendation must be arranged!

People who can sweat are very suitable for wearing cotton jeans. The properties of sweat absorption and breathability are not just a talk.

The trouser shape of wide-leg trousers, coupled with the drape of pure cotton fabric , makes it very tolerant of the figure.

But also the length of nine points, six less than one meter girls can be assured of wear, just need trouser legs rolled up on OK.

This pair of jeans has a more regular version and is a good match. All the tops in the closet can be CP with it. Matching it with a T-shirt with a split hem like me, it shows long legs.

And remember to match some small accessories, golden necklaces are definitely not missing.

The wide-brimmed sandals look very casual, just suitable for this outfit.

3. Cotton and linen jeans

Jeans made of cotton and linen are relatively rare on the market, and the requirements for craftsmanship and fabrics are relatively high, so you must bite your teeth when you see a favorite cotton and linen jeans.

Linen is incorporated into the denim, so its comfort and coolness will be higher. It is no problem to wear it to do some simple exercises.

The version is straight and has a tightening effect at the foot opening, and the visual effect will be more thin.

With a printed T-shirt on the upper body like me , and the hem tucked into the waistband, girls of 95-145 kg can easily control it.

Fold the trousers to reveal a slender ankle with a length of nine minutes, and then flatten the heel of the platform shoes . Although it is not so thin, it is comfortable enough.

With a big satchel on your back, you can go out and sweep the goods.

This period of jeans sharing is over, I hope to give you some help, while being cool and comfortable, it can also look tall and thin!

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