"The first beauty in the harem" Xin Zhilei turns out that the capital of her work is in the nose shadow

2023-01-02 06:01

Bad beauty Xin Zhilei

The more you look at your arrogance and bad temper, the more interesting

Known as "the first beauty in the harem", Jin Yuyan (played by Xin Zhilei) is amazing every time she appears. Her round cheeks are matched with sexy lips, and her face is full of "I'm not easy to mess with" and "Don't trick me" . Everyone loves it and hates it, it's really disturbing and lovely.

Her acting skills have been known for a long time. She had a stunning performance in "The Birth of an Actor", and then she performed in "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace". Everyone watched it with great enthusiasm!

Even if the face is expressionless, it will not make people feel boring, and the eyes are full of stories. Mao tried his best to play the bad beauty. Netizens also made emoticons for her, and with this interesting text, they really liked it more and more.

She plays Jia Concubine in it, and netizens are saying: One step closer to being Jia Concubine, Xin Zhilei, you work hard! She is famously "arrogant" in the play, and she has to be firm in every move, not too much, and not without aura.

The most unforgettable thing is her smile, which looks gentle but hides a knife in her smile, and her eyes are full of drama.

Xin Zhilei's beauty is between classical and modern, with classical eyebrows and modern lips, the two complement each other well, and then she wears Qing palace makeup, which is simply full of charm.

Her face is very three-dimensional, and it doesn't give people a feeling of flat facial features at all. Instead, the makeup effect full of shadows makes her more distinctive and has a stronger sense of presence.

Xin Zhilei's shadow makeup is only in the play?

NO! Real people are like this too!

Xin Zhilei's nose bridge is not low to be honest, and it is very three-dimensional in itself. On this basis, the nose shadow is added, which has an even stronger effect. The role of makeup is to modify it to achieve a more perfect effect under your own conditions.

Compared with our previous method, Xin Zhilei's transformation method is more natural and ingenious. In the past, when we used nose shadow, it covered a wide area from the brow position to the sides of the nose. Hers is to focus on the 2 cm position on the nose, and make it more slender.

The effect shown on the side is a triangle, highlighting the presence of the highest point of the nose, making the nose overall smaller and more delicate. The position of the brows did not change so much, and it was taken lightly.

In the center of the nose and the bridge of the nose, add a layer of highlight, with a unique "2 cm nose shadow", the two complement each other, and can better show the three-dimensional sense and presence of the nose. Be careful not to make the area too large when highlighting, just aim at the top of the nose.

How to change 2 cm nose shadow?

Pony is here to teach you!

Step1: Choose brown contouring or eye shadow, and use a brush to start from the side of the mountain root to the eye socket. Be careful not to apply too much force, just a few strokes. This will make your shadows look more natural.

Step2: Focus on swiping shadows 3 cm on both sides of the nose, but do not sweep on the tip of the nose. You can sweep a few times on both sides of the nose and below the nostrils. It doesn't matter if you use a paste or a powder shadow.

The artifact of the nose shadow is here

With them, you no longer have to worry about your nose being out of shape!

YSL Saint Laurent high order monochrome eye shadow

YSL's monochromatic eye shadow is not only a good-looking eye shadow, but also a natural nose shadow. And be sure to look for the #13 Mania shade, don't look at it as a dark brown, but gently sweep it on the nose with a large loose brush, super natural and three-dimensional.

Shu Uemura 16-Color Nude Eyeshadow Palette

With 16 colors, it can create at least 10 makeup faces. The silty is fine and stretchable, and it can easily create a natural shadow on both sides of the nose.

Kate Kaiduo three-color modeling eyebrow powder

That's right, it's brow powder, but! Using the color in the middle of the nose shadow is really not to mention so natural! Because it is brown in nature, it can be perfectly blended with the skin tone when it is applied on both sides of the nose, and the effect is super natural.

Maybelline light and shadow stick

This Maybelline double-ended contour stick is very easy to push, and the color is natural, which can create a natural nose shadow makeup effect.

After seeing Xin Zhilei's high nose shadow makeup, do you really want to follow? Then don't wait, get up quickly!

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