The first coat of early autumn, Qi Wei, Liu Wen, Song Yanfei chose this way!

2022-10-10 06:02

But Ruijiang has been wearing singles for a few months,

Are you a little tired?

To be fashionable is to be one step ahead,

The thin coat of early autumn,

Time to wear it!

Can cope with the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn,

Out of the street styling can earn enough eyeballs,

Milk thought~

1: Denim jacket

Yes, it's our sister Song Yanfei again.

Every private server can be beautiful to Ruijiang,

The long denim trench coat is fully open,

Pair it with a short skirt and her favorite Martin boots,

The advantages of long legs are so enviable!

Hayley denim jacket with exposed tee,

As always, American street style,

The mid-length model also has a little oversize boyfriend style,

have. . Handsome~

Guan Xiaotong and Song Zuer hit their shirts,

The big cherry pattern hin is cute,

Guan Xiaotong's leggings are simple and casual, but can also "show" legs.

Song Zuer carried out the lovely style to the end,

There are also two doll pendants on the bag,

The girl's heart bursts.

The short denim jacket is an artifact for short babies.

Elongation ratio shows that leg length is immediate,

Peng Xiaoran with cycling pants is completely a girl with personality~

Brother Qi is not ordinary,

Airport LOOK played new tricks,

The coat is knotted to reveal the sleeveless inner lap inside,

Pair it with overalls,

Saggy and sexy.

Rui sauce recommendation


Archer denim shirt jacket

1535 yuan

Short hooded denim jacket

2883 yuan

Two: shirt jacket

The classic checkered shirt is really not rustic,

It's easy to wear a fashionable look!

It's okay to match the solid color like the big cousin~

Or you can match the colors,

Don’t choose a slim shirt for your shirt.

The looser ones are more casual,

A senior face like Zhong Chuxi wears a hin senior.

"Dong Wenjie" who was recently screened,

The commuting dress in the play planted a lot of people,

It turns out that Haiqing in private can also wear it like this.

Layering is chic and handsome.

A white shirt in hand,

How did Jiang Shuying look so good?

Wear a tee under the shirt, suit and pants for daily commuting,

Get rid of rigidity completely~

I will also pull out the clothes,

Change to jeans,

The student party or office workers switch at will.

Zhang Li's asymmetric splicing shirt,

All black cool girl with full personality,

The mini belt bag is very "touching" and can also modify the waist~

Rui sauce recommendation

Check shirt

1706 yuan

Striped shirt

299 yuan

Three: windbreaker

Reaching the "turf" of sports wind

The thickness of the windbreaker is just right for the current temperature

Wide sleeves and trouser legs

It can completely hide the fleshy meat you grow up from drinking milk tea

Ken Dou must be a fan of windbreakers,

Put on animal print pants,

The sporty style is so cool as to have no friends.

Put on leggings sneakers

Babies who are going to exercise to lose weight quickly write it down

Sportswear can never lose

Delicate girls can't relax at all times!

"Missing Bottom" is not only a sweater and T-shirt can be played,

The wide version of the windbreaker is also very suitable.

Zhang Xinyu's mixed pleated skirt is full of girlishness,

The color selection is also very vibrant, such as purple fluorescent yellow,

Autumn should be as sunny as summer!

Rui sauce recommendation

▲Reebok × Victoria Beckham

Hooded windbreaker

2842 yuan

599 yuan

Today’s coat sharing is over to be spicy~

Add a little temperature,

It will also add a bit of beauty,

Ruijiang Jiemi who still loves you~

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