The French Mermaid Prince Wharf series nail polish is listed

2022-09-13 12:43

Wandering and far away are not destiny, meeting someone, laying an anchor for him. At the Prince's Wharf, I heard the drifting love docked. In 2016, French jewelry beauty Larme De Sirene took inspiration from the endless starry sky and the sea and launched the "Royal Ferry" series of Prince's Wharf, replacing gorgeousness with depth, shining with pure glow, lighting up different fingertips Ambilight.

The "Royal Ferry" series is composed of 4 different colors. Obsidian is the purest dark energy, condensing the infinite wisdom of women; rose gold stone is an elegant and charming golden temptation, creating a perfect mysterious weapon; moonlight silver stone is the deep seabed, the reflection of the moonlight at the top gives the fingertips a touch of coolness and flow; the British Silver Diamond is an incredible gemstone brilliance, capturing the subtle light and shadow of the starry sky. The Prince's Wharf series is specially added with luxurious 925 sterling silver, which brings a luxurious sparkle that ordinary sequins can't match, and embellishes the fingertip gem-like luster.

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