The hair care tips of professional hairdressers, stop these NG behaviors

2022-03-17 15:04

Hair care method taught by professional hairdressers 1:

Please do hair care  2 times once a week

No matter who it is, they will think that "daily hair care" is good, but professional hairdressers say, "This is NG behavior!"

According to various products, first, the oil contained in the hair care oil can easily absorb ultraviolet rays and cause sunburn on the hair .

In addition, if the skin is thickened by frequent application of hair care, it may also become difficult to manage.

Therefore, the best frequency of hair care is about "1 to 2 times a week".

Of course, there are also products that can be applied every day. It would be better to discuss with a professional hairdresser before making a decision!

"No silicon is good" is a wrong concept! Please choose the product that suits your hair quality

"Silicone-free = good for hair" There are many friends with this impression , right?

In fact, without the addition of silicon, the hair may be damaged by rubbing against each other. In particular, it is not suitable for severely damaged hair, so even products without added silicon may not be suitable for your hair, so it is recommended that you make a decision based on your hair before use.

Hair care after shampooing should start from the inside

For hair care after a shower (no-rinse hair care product), there should be a lot of people applying it to the ends of the hair by hand?!

But this method is actually NG!

First, grab the hair, then pour the hair care product on the palm of your hand, apply it from the inside and slowly extend it out.

This can prevent the hair from looking frizzy when the dry hair on the inside swells.

The hair dryer blows along the scalp

If the hair dryer blows upward from below, it will be opposite to the direction of the hair cuticle. In this way, the gloss of the hair will disappear, and it is easy to produce frizzy hair.

So be careful not to blow from the bottom to the top, but dry and blow the hair smoothly along the scalp.

Don't just dry your hair ends desperately!

"Because the hair is still a bit wet and not completely dry, it hurts the hair!" Because of this, I tried my best to blow dry the entire hair. Have you done this?!

In fact, the hair is too dry, which is the direct cause of damage and injury!

The first is to dry the hair roots well. After the roots are dried, blow towards the ends of the hair. Do not use hot air but cold air to dry the hair is the most recommended way to dry your hair.

It is recommended to use only cold air for the hair dryer

When the hair is super damaged, do not use the hot air of a hair dryer, but it is recommended to use only cold air to dry it.

Although it is time-consuming, you don’t need to heat and only use wind to dry, so that you don’t damage your hair and you don’t have to worry about the moisture being sucked away from your hair.

If you want to take good care of your hair when you have time, please try this method!

After reading the hair care tips of these professional hairdressers, hurry up and try the correct hair care methods. In fact, it is very important to have a soft and beautiful hair care method .

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