The latest summer girl hairstyles are cool

2023-01-20 21:24

1. Girls with short hair can also have a variety of styles, wrap short hair around the back of the head to reveal a delicate face, and use silk turbans as decoration to fix the tucked hair and add a sense of fashion. Leave a little bangs to accentuate the sweetness. Choosing a headscarf material with better air permeability will not make the head too hot and prevent sweating from affecting the shape. The tail of the flowing headscarf is very chic.

2. Girls who are afraid of heat can cut their hair as short as possible. The shorter bangs are shaped like a pot, which lengthens the face and can modify the wide forehead.

3. The short development of showing ears shows the strong side of girls. Now that the ears are exposed, use ear studs as small decorations, which will be cooler and more stylish.

4. The side-divided short hair is tucked behind the ears to make the whole face more pointed and longer. With thick-framed glasses, it can achieve the effect of a small face.

5. Simple short hair for girls is one of the hairstyles for girls in summer. If combined with glasses, earrings, and necklaces, it can show the personality of girls and highlight the personal temperament of different MMs.

6. Cutting a BOB head in summer is very easy to take care of. The soft short hair perfectly modifies the contour of the face, and the slightly curly side bangs are cute and cute.

7. With exaggerated earrings with personality, you can easily get attractive. Look at this MM's strawberry earrings and fur ball earrings are more eye-catching.

8. The pear flower head suitable for the OL family is very age-reducing. Dog-biting bangs are a popular item this season, and the irregular shapes are more three-dimensional. The curly hair that expands outwards on both sides can make the long face visually widen, and match the highlighting hair color to add fashion.

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