The male god Chen Xuedong helps London Fashion Week watch too much, a bit "dizzy"

2022-10-17 06:02

1. Look at the stars

This London Men's Wear Week, Sina Fashion will join hands with fashion icon Chen Xuedong, which is eye-catching enough! Imagine what it would be like when Chen Xuedong, a young and beautiful man , appeared on the streets of London! Let's hurry up and pay attention to see the difference.

2. Watch the fashion show

London Men's Wear Week is not the same as Milan and Paris. The experimentation gives full play to the avant-garde of fashion here. The way JW Anderson wears women's clothing for men breaks the pattern of traditional fashion that uses gender to divide it. Alexander McQueen’s grotesque thoughts can always be reflected in cool prints and unexpected tailoring. Of course, when it comes to London Men’s Wear Week, the most eye-catching is Burberry Prorsum. After Christopher Bailey succeeded in becoming CEO, the technology implemented to meet market demand Shows, and casual fashion that does not exaggerate, both artistic and commercial are the highlights of London.

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