The manicurist demonstrates the amber French manicure tutorial in person

2022-07-13 13:53

Nail painting may seem complicated, but in fact, as long as you are careful and patient, you can learn it quickly. In this issue, I will bring amber nail painting tutorials demonstrated by professional manicurists. Let’s learn together with the manicurists. This amber French manicure is elegant and sexy, with a mysterious charm, you must not miss it if you like manicure.

STEP 1: First, do a basic manicure to the nails, and then apply a layer of primer. After the primer is dry, use a fine brush to dip the green nail polish and draw a smile line on the nails.

STEP 2: Use a brush to take green nail polish to paint the nails in French style. After drying, repeat the coloring.

STEP 3: Use a fine brush to adjust the French edge slightly to make the edge smoother, and then dry.

The products in this issue recommend Gosme's water-based nail polish

Recommended reason: The raw materials of Gosme's water-based nail polish are food grade or cosmetic grade, extract pure natural coconut oil essence, plus natural environmentally friendly resin, water-based environmentally friendly color paste and pearl powder, natural plant fragrance, no unpleasant smell of traditional nail polish A pungent smell, only a faint scent. After application, it is smooth and silky.

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