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2023-05-17 12:30

Many people asked what to do with blackheads in the comment area, and after trying many methods, they still came back.

I have to say that its presence is really strong, it doesn’t matter if it feels uneven, and there are small black particles on the face, the key point is that they also like to live in groups with more oily parts like the nose, eh~ why? See how unpleasant.

But in fact, I want to say that you may not have blackheads on your nose, but lipid microfilaments, but you have always treated them as blackheads.

Lipid filaments are actually not a bad thing. They exist to allow sebum to better discharge pores. It can be understood as a guide, leading sebum to find an exit.

It is gray or brown, smooth to the touch without bulge, and it is a long strip of grease when squeezed out (don't squeeze it).

Lipid microfilaments generally exist in the areas with more oil on the face, such as the T-zone and around the nose. Its metabolic cycle is 30 days and can be resolved by itself, so we don't need to do anything for it.

Was it a little confusing to hear this? Not sure what blackheads are? It's okay, let me tell you all the past and present life of blackheads.

Causes of blackheads

When it comes to blackheads, we have to talk about sebaceous glands. Originally, our sebaceous glands secrete oil diligently every day, forming a natural protective layer on the skin surface to protect the skin from external substances.

However, due to various reasons such as our diet, work and rest, age, etc., the sebaceous glands secrete too much oil.

But the pores are so big, and the oil wants to get out, and the end result is that it all piles up in the pores.

Then those relatively violent oils just exposed a head, but due to contact with the air, they oxidized and turned black, that is, blackheads.

To sum up, the main reasons for the formation of blackheads are two points:

  1. skin oil secretion

  2. Unobstructed pores

Do you feel a little familiar? Couldn't this be the cause of a certain pimple? Hey, they're cousins, except that blackheads aren't as serious as acne.

Now you can always distinguish between lipid microfilaments and blackheads, right?

How to get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads are actually quite troublesome to deal with, but if left unchecked, they can lead to serious acne problems.

But the fight against blackheads is really a protracted battle, and even many people are eager to solve them and resort to some remedies. As a result, not only the blackheads are not resolved, but the skin is also damaged, which is really worth the loss.

So let me reveal to you these deceptive remedies, and by the way, tell you how to win the war with blackheads.

Never do this!

Who hasn't done such three or four stupid things for blackheads when they were young? Looking back now, I don't blame me for being stupid, I can only say that the enemy is too powerful!

Rub blackheads with salt

It is said that rubbing salt on the skin can take away blackheads and also close pores and smoothen the skin.

what? What kind of wolf word is this? How big a particle of salt can get into the pores? Or did the person who invented this method have pores big enough to plant rice?

Moreover, rubbing the hard and sharp substance such as salt on the skin all the time will not only fail to remove blackheads, but may also damage the stratum corneum of the skin and hurt our delicate face. We will be happy when we have sensitive skin, right?

blackhead removal sticker

This is the worst method in my opinion. Pulling out blackheads is sore for a while, but regrets are endless.

The enlarged pores lose their elasticity, leaving you with irreversible large pores!

The key is that it only pulls out the blackheads on the surface. As long as your pores are still there, your blackheads will continue to grow.

I still have blackhead stickers on hand, see you in the trash can.

Nose with egg white

This is similar to the principle of blackhead stickers. With the help of the stickiness of the egg white film, it can be pulled and pulled to achieve the effect of removing blackheads.

Not to mention that the stickiness is negligible, and basically nothing can be pulled. Do you know how many bacteria are in raw eggs? Dare to do this to the skin? What if there is a wound on the skin?

Don't waste eggs, it's more practical to cook and eat, and you can lose weight! 

Correct posture to remove blackheads

Let me talk about it first, it is difficult to completely remove blackheads, it is basically impossible.

If you have to make some effort, it is not impossible. I just said that blackheads are mainly caused by the secretion of skin oil and the pores are not smooth, so focus on these two.

cleansing mask

This is the 10086th time I have told you the importance of regular cleaning, right?

The cleansing mask can take away the excess oil on the surface of our skin, and it can also exfoliate, which is equivalent to a deep SPA (massage) for the pores.

Swisse Cleansing Mask

ISPA Cleansing Mask

However, the cleansing mask can not be used every day. It is recommended to use twice a week for oily skin, and once a month or two for dry skin, or you can also focus on areas with more oily skin.

jojoba oil

Wasn't there a rumor that Vaseline removes blackheads? I was thinking about using Vaseline to dissolve blackheads, so why not try jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil can dissolve blackheads and let them fall off on their own. Compared with Vaseline, the molecules of jojoba oil are smaller, and the permeability is also very good. good.

Afjojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil, the Source of Sustainability

However, this is a matter of slow work and meticulous work, and it cannot be solved with one use. It needs to be used for a long time.

But it won't hurt the skin, so I recommend this method for girls with sensitive skin.

Brush acid

Acid is also our old friend. It can unclog pores and exfoliate old dead skin cells, which is actually similar to acne treatment.

Winona Salicylic Acid Serum

Seric Acid Essence 

Generally, medical aesthetics will choose a high concentration of acid, and the effect is obvious, but I don’t recommend such a high concentration if you brush the acid yourself at home.

Generally 2%~5% is enough, and it is best not to touch sensitive skin. Jojoba oil upstairs welcomes you.

After brushing the acid, you must pay attention to moisturizing and sun protection, remember it for me!

Medical beauty

I think the small bubbles are the most obvious effect on blackheads at present.

It is actually equivalent to a vacuum cleaner, sucking out all the blackheads, and at the same time injecting some nutrient solution into the pores, which can provide some nutrition to the skin.

The process sounds similar to blackhead sticking, but it is based on the principle of vacuum negative pressure and will not cause damage to the skin. The specifics are quite complicated. It can be said that it can circle the earth three times. big.

The effect is also obvious and good, but it is not permanent and should be done regularly. It is recommended to do it every two weeks for healthy oily skin, once a month for dry skin, and not recommended for sensitive skin.

Sigh, sure enough, the beauty of girls is made by throwing money at it.

Can you avoid blackheads?

So far, there is no one-stop solution to stop worrying about clogged pores, so if you find one, let me know.

What we can do is to pay attention to every aspect of our daily life to minimize the possibility of clogged pores!

maintain good living habits

Going to bed early, getting up early and exercising more is really the most cost-effective method, and the benefits are also great!

Also, pay attention to high GI, high sugar, and high oil in the diet, which will accelerate the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands.

Sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases should also be changed frequently. Their ability to hide dirt should not be underestimated.

Pay attention to your daily skin care and makeup habits

I think the most important thing is to clean, like removing makeup, you should be careful and regular cleaning, but don't over-clean, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Don't forget to clean your daily makeup tools regularly, otherwise there will be a lot of dust and dirt.

Well, I will tell you about pores and blackheads carefully, and then there are things you don't understand. . .

Hey, the comment section is waiting for you.

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