The most positive stripe in summer is not the sea soul shirt but the skirt on them

2022-09-26 06:01

Want to wear fashion and classics? The wild blue stripes were the first choice. The blue stripe collocation will bring you back to the most primitive blue and enjoy the true nature of nature. Blended into the most suitable heat-relief clothing for hot summer, the simple and elegant color scheme brings you back to the retro trend of the 90s. The national goddesses Gao Yuanyuan and Xiao Song Jia are all dressed up, do you want to continue to wait and see?

Gao Yuanyuan has always maintained a fresh, beautiful and ladylike style since her debut, and she must have gone out of her own style in dressing and matching . Gao Yuanyuan chose such a blue and white striped one-piece dress for a certain watch brand. Although it is less luxurious, it adds a bit of intellectual elegance and conforms to the usual line. Gao Yuanyuan is not the only one who chooses the blue stripe elements, and Xiao Song Jia, who you like, is also on the list~~

Charmaine Sheh blue and white wide striped tube top dress skirt debut event

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