The new Acqua di Parma body care line is launched

2022-03-04 19:26

Follow the dazzling sunshine of Italy, and meet the inspiration of Acqua di Parma's water style series in the flow of sunlight, and seal the wonderful fragrance of the fusion of sunshine and fragrance materials. Following the hot and classic scents of the Style collection, the brand introduces new shower gels and body creams that combine warm, bright Italian flair in a refreshing scent. Let the bathing time become a comfortable moment for one person, light up the daily bathing and skin care ritual with the fragrant fragrance of the artistic fragrance, give the skin luxurious and delicate care, and meet the charming charm of the elegant fragrance.

People take off their heavy burdens in their daily bathing time, and the pleasant and pleasant atmosphere makes people soothe and relax. Let the light foam of the Parma water style series bath gel wash away the tired body and mind, and enjoy the dense and gentle touch and charming fragrance. . The delicate foam of the shower gel contains glycerin, which is moisturizing, soft and skin-friendly, leaving the skin soft and radiant, and it also lingers the delicate fragrance on the skin. Accompanied by the bittersweet freshness of Qingyou, the elegant and attractive fragrance of Fugui or the elegant and mellow fragrance of agarwood, it is like being in a quiet and charming garden, immersed in this smart and elegant fragrance journey.

The Essence of Parma Body Cream adds a touch of elegance to the delicate post-bath skincare ritual. The soft creamy texture is creamy and thick. The hyaluronic acid contained in the body cream gives the skin a radiant radiance, and it is formulated with glycerin. , Vitamin E and Shea Butter and other high-moisturizing ingredients give the skin plenty of moisture and take care of the delicate skin. The body cream is equipped with the refreshing scent of pomelo or the pleasant scent of cinnamon, so that the elegant fragrance of the style series lingers all the time, satisfying the needs and exploration of skin care with multi-sensory experience. From bathing, moisturizing to wearing fragrance, the classic fragrances of the light and style series, the luxurious body care rituals awaken the inner thoughts, light up the self-confidence, and meet the gentle companionship brought by the style in the fragrance.

The water of Parma draws the pure essence from fragrant raw materials from all over the world, and pours the century-old Italian craftsmanship and culture and art into the charming aroma gifted by nature. The brand's new shower gels and body creams incorporate the popular scents of the Style Collection, reinterpreted to the quality standards of the iconic Colonia cologne, colliding with Italian sun-kissed citrus notes to release golden fruit radiant vitality.

Following the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, the water-based body care products of Parma are packaged in eco-friendly packaging, showing high-quality texture and pure Italian taste. The body of the shower gel is made of recycled plastic, and the luxurious tactile black bottle sticker is decorated with a gold embossed print, continuing the iconic and elegant visual image of the Style series. The combination of elegant black and dazzling gold adds flavor to the packaging. The body cream comes in a high-quality clear glass bottle of recyclable material, and the thick paste texture is clearly visible. The black cap is made from FSC forest certified beech wood, which has been repeatedly sanded and polished for exceptional quality. Indulge in a feast for the senses in style and fragrance, and experience the elegant and pure Italian way of life with the new Water of Parma Body Care Collection, which will be launched in August.

Lightweight gel texture, soft and skin-friendly, gently rubbing the shower gel can turn into a light foam when used, cleans the skin while caring for the skin, the formula is suitable for all skin types. Citrus aromas of pomelo, peppery spice and sandalwood are in harmony, releasing a bittersweet fragrance that quickly bursts with fresh energy. Slowly lingering with the distant and fresh pomelo fragrance, the breath of brilliant release is intertwined with the seductive scent of mimosa, violet and lotus, which purifies the skin and emits a fresh fragrance for a long time, and the aftertaste is long, satisfying the senses.

The light gel texture is soft and skin-friendly, and the rich foam generated when using it is like soft velvet, which is close to the skin, cleans the skin and cares for the skin, suitable for all types of skin. The refreshing and seductive fragrance opens up an aromatic journey. A warm and inviting scent of osmanthus, unleashing notes of peony and musk. Finally, in the fragrant patchouli, the fragrance of osmanthus releases all the hidden energy. With the fragrance of cinnamon, it cleanses the skin and warms the skin and soul.

The texture is clear and crystal clear, soft and skin-friendly. Apply the gel to the skin and quickly transform into a rich, lightweight lather. The bright shower gel combines the light and fresh citrus fragrance with the mellow and stable agarwood fragrance, exudes a low-key luxury atmosphere, and opens the ritual sense of the exquisite life of the Middle East nobility. The elegant and restrained aroma shows the charm of exotic customs, which makes people unable to help indulge in this swaying artistic conception.

The fresh, bittersweet fragrance of pomelo infuses the smooth texture of the body cream, with citrus aromas, peppery spice and sandalwood accords in harmony, bursting with fresh energy. The refreshing breath is mixed with a touch of bitterness and a touch of sweetness. Gently touch the cream, and the rich essence of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Glycerin is quickly absorbed, leaving skin supple, radiant and radiant.

The sweet and transparent fragrance of cinnamon floats in the dark, giving the body cream a heart-warming soul fragrance. The silky cream-like texture provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the skin, and the fragrance of sweet osmanthus covers the skin like the warm sun, and the fragrance is intoxicated by the delicate and romantic atmosphere of the floral fragrance. Hyaluronic acid is full of moisture required by the skin, combined with multiple skin care ingredients of shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin, to care for the skin and make it comfortable and skin-friendly. Apply a daily swipe to let the rich fragrance wrap the body, bringing a radiant and moisturizing skin experience.

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