The new hairstyle for the new year starts from the bangs

2022-08-16 09:24

Finish the "dress up" with your new hairstyle before the new year and get a "scratch" head. And a good-looking and trendy bangs play a huge role in the success of the hairstyle. It's about to enter the New Year's "dressing time". Which bangs are the most IN, the most beautiful and the most suitable for you?

1. Two-dimensional bangs

Elf Faner's Mori female series is standard

Two-dimensional bangs, when you look at the name, you know that it is a style from Japan that is full of anime girlishness. Its close relative is probably the Qi bangs that were handed a few years ago. Although it also has the characteristics of thick and neat, the biggest difference between the two-dimensional bangs and the Qi bangs is that the two-dimensional bangs must be above the eyebrows, and the shorter the bangs, the better the two-dimensional bangs. Dimensional Spiritual Qi, of course, has higher requirements for appearance.

However, this short bangs is still quite a test of the girl's forehead and face shape. If the face is too large or long, and the forehead is too large or too small, it is easy to be exposed by this bangs. It is precisely because it is difficult to control that it becomes more and more daring to control the confidence of the two-dimensional bangs girl in her appearance!

2. Air bangs

Popular for more than half a year

The biggest advantage: no face shape, easy to control

If you ask which is the most popular bangs in 2016, it is definitely the air bangs. This hairstyle performed by Song Hye Kyo in "Descendants of the Sun" has almost become the standard for all the heroines of this year's hit dramas. Although the popularity is not as good as it used to be, this hairstyle has too many advantages and is not likely to be out of breath.

Advantage 1: It can be matched with almost all face shapes, and can magically modify various face shapes such as high hairline, too large or too narrow forehead, and wide face.

Advantage 2: Most of the hairstyles and makeup that have become popular in Korean dramas have one thing in common, they are gentle and girly, and both elders and boyfriends will like it!

3. French bangs

A little more fashionable than air bangs fashion

French bangs can be said to be an evolution of air bangs, and the length is also very similar. But the biggest difference between the two is that the air bangs are generally neat, emphasizing the air and gentle arc; while the French bangs are slightly thicker, and the pursuit is the lazy style revealed in the irregularity, just like the French girls on the streets of Paris. And this hairstyle is one of the hottest in the fashion circle at the moment.

In terms of fashion sense, French bangs are a big step forward than air bangs. But there is a problem with this type of hairstyle that has become popular in Europe-the three-dimensional degree of facial features is high. For a girl with a deep and three-dimensional silhouette that is biased towards the West, French bangs can definitely make your face more eye-catching, but it is better to try it with caution for typical Asian flat faces.

How to take care of bangs?

The first step is to wash your hair.

If you want to keep your bangs fluffy, you must first wash your hair regularly. Don't leave greasy hair on your hair and prevent it from affecting the styling of your bangs.

The second step is trimming.

The bangs should be trimmed frequently, usually once a week or two, and trim the long and irregular places neatly.

Trim step:

1. Use ordinary scissors to trim the ends of excessively long hair horizontally.

2. Hold the scissors vertically, insert the scissors into the hair 1 cm and cut vertically, and cut equally at every 1 cm width.

In this way, the hair ends will be thinned, and the bangs will show a natural arc and will not be upturned.

3. Use a fine-toothed comb to lightly comb from the inside to the outside to the length to be reserved, and insert the thinning knife into the hair at a 45-degree angle to cut it obliquely.

The third step, blow bangs.

When you're done washing your hair and blow-drying it, blow-dry it first.

The hair dryer blows from top to bottom, while fingers dry at the roots of the hair. Use a round comb to pull the bangs up to 90 degrees and roll up, blowing the hair roots. For those with more hair, blow the bangs in two layers, blowing the outer layer first and then the inner layer.

The fourth step, combing.

The bangs should be combed frequently, from top to bottom, from root to tip. This will keep your bangs neat.

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