The older fresh meat Zhong Hanliang secretly passed on the secret of "reverse growth" dressing

2022-10-10 06:01

People who are not familiar with Zhong Hanliang must think that he is an actor. In fact, Xiaowa first served as a first-line dance artist of Hong Kong TVB in 1992, and played small roles in some dramas. Because his English name is Wallace, so his nickname is Xiaowa. In 1995, Xiaowa was discovered by Taiwanese musician Tai Zhengxiao. In July of the same year, he released his first Mandarin album "OREA" in Taiwan, and later became Taiwan's new generation of Hong Kong male singers with the title of "Little Sun".

While the editor was crazy about He Yichen, played by Zhong Hanliang, he sighed jealously: Why are male gods not old! ? Although it is the world of little fresh meat today, many older male stars over 40 like Zhong Hanliang are still keen on filming idol dramas, and they have no intention of letting the little fresh meat go. Although they are more than 40 years old, there is no trace of uncle's breath on them, which is really enviable!

From the almighty "Boss" in "The Most Beautiful Time" to the hit of "Why", Zhong Hanliang once again successfully relied on the role of the male god president. No matter what he does, he will be on the hot search. Chen kisses Mo Sheng angrily", a topic every day is too powerful, and his previous kiss scenes in other TV dramas have also been screenshotted, and he was awarded the "Best Kiss Male Celebrity", the editor blushed, we all know this.

God gave him an ageless face that men would envy, the editor would like to ask: Brother Liangliang, what kind of cosmetics do you use to maintain it? Wearing only a simple blue shirt and a V-neck T-shirt, there is a green campus atmosphere. Although the age is 40+, wearing this way is really youthful and has a similar appearance, and there is almost no change from the "Little Sun" Xiao Wow! There is wood!

Although he has a youthful face that is envied by others, he has always been very tasteful in clothing collocation. Whether it is a simple casual outfit or a suit, he is handsome to the extreme. Don't be lazy, gentlemen, and learn along the way. !

Point 1: Colorful Knit Sweater

Liangliang's look is almost photographed. A purple knitted wool sweater is the latest version of Dior Homme's 2015 autumn and winter paired with a white shirt. This style of wearing has always been quite popular. It is really easy to match the stern and strict-looking trousers. This way of matching makes men look personable and friendly. This is a fashionable dress that combines rigidity and softness, and men must learn it.

Point 2: Air cotton round neck shirt

The round neck air cotton shirt is absolutely hot in the fashion circle recently. It has a strong sense of silhouette and is also the most popular fashion item. By layering with a white shirt, the boring chest is more rich and playful. In particular, this dark stitched printed item has a fresh feeling and releases a strong visual impact in the dress. Pair it with a pair of slim slacks to make you look stylish.

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