The perfect white base makeup painting method

2022-09-19 06:01

It's too late to say it, it's been a long time since March, have you started your whitening work? Many girls adhere to the concept of being lazy if they are too lazy, and continue to not whiten in March, and feel sad in April. Even if whitening products are used in "batch", it will not help! However, Mumeng is still broken in the pattern after all, and the "white" is obvious. Speed ​​get editor Amway's whitening makeup technique, through makeup to make your skin tone whiter faster~

Whitening makeup skills 1: The base makeup must be bright

Skilled Female Worker: Angelababy

Whitening represents angelababy must stand up! As we all know, the baby's skin is dark and yellow, and if you want to be white, you must first learn to "make up white". Baby became a shareholder of Huayi Brothers Group at the end of March, with a sexy deep V dress, bright skin, natural makeup, flawless beauty, and uplifted temperament! Baby's own whitening skills, you have to learn a few tricks, it is not difficult to learn and remember small details, fair-skinned girls are determined to win~

Perfect foundation makeup and break through TIPS

Tang Yan and Zheng Shuang's skin is actually not very good, with dark circles, freckles, and acne marks, but their base makeup is not only white, but also attaches great importance to the combination of concealer and brightening.

Therefore, in addition to wiping sunscreen products with natural luster effect before applying foundation, the most important step is to choose a dark circle concealer, a light concealer, and a high moisturizing concealer to correct dark circles, even skin tone, and apply a light concealer to the triangle area under the eyes. Brighten up.

Keep 3 points in mind for perfect foundation makeup and zero flaws:

Point 1 Make the skin tone even, wipe the primer before makeup, and even the sallow skin tone can be saved

Point2 Dark circles and tear grooves are hidden: concealer & brightening must not be lazy

Point3 The less you use, the better: For radiant skin, it must not feel heavy

Step1 Primer to correct skin tone

Apply a pink primer evenly over the entire face to help correct skin tone and enhance brightness

Step2 Lightweight air cushion powder or pressed powder

Use the air cushion powder to pat from the center of the face outwards for radiant skin

Step3 Modifies the dullness around the eyes

Use a concealer locally on the dark circles and tear troughs under the eyes to make the complexion appear whiter

Step4 Pearlescent powder setting makeup

Finally, dab on a powder with a fine gloss to inhibit oily skin and create a bright complexion

Whitening Makeup Skill 2: Powder-toned blush makes brightness more distinct

Skilled Female Worker: Bae Suzy

Orange-hued blushes are lovely, but pink blushes can help brighten skin even more. Especially the recent blues powder can also make your white skin look up, and the sallow skin will not be dull!

Our sister Suzy is simply a diehard fan of powder-toned blushes. In addition to whitening and brightening powder-toned blushes, the most important thing is to have a rosy white inside and a good complexion~

Pink cheek color brightens skin tone, remember 2 points:

Point1 Nose, under-eye brightening: Both the nose and under-eye must be brightened together, the overall skin tone will be more even

Point2 It is absolutely necessary to set the makeup: you can't finish the work after brushing the blush, and adding a little powder cake can improve the brightness even more

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