The red carpet didn't go crazy and changed clothes to seek Ma Sichun's inner shadow area

2022-08-01 17:16

For all the stars, this red carpet of only 60 meters is a testimony of the glory of the world film industry. Seeing Bingbing, Gong Li, Liu Yifei and others are working hard to shape their shapes, you can think of how much the opening red carpet is for the stars. Is it important? But! In Cannes this year, in addition to the "No Chinese Film Finalist", even the celebrities "missed". Jing Bao and Ma Sichun missed for some reason. The film party apologized. Huang Jingyu silently swept the red carpet because of traffic jams? ! ps: This shape is also a bit hitting Jingbao...

Let's watch what everyone is doing after the opening. Jing Bao missed the red carpet. Ni Ni was busy on the other side. She changed to a refined Valentino for an interview. This set of dresses and shoes is really unmatched. Except for ballet shoes, which are pleasing to the eye, other brands of shoes are difficult to harmonize with this dress in terms of color. Ni Ni's choice is not bad~

That's why Jing Bao missed the opening red carpet ↑↑↑

Although I missed the red carpet, the itinerary was not messy at all. Taking photos on the beach, Jing Bao equipped with a very cool watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Jing Bao also wore this watch at the Cannes press conference of "Tomb Notes", wearing Louis Vuitton 2016 autumn and winter series, with Canali 1934 2016 spring and summer series trousers.

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