The same high-quality manicure templates for celebrities are here

2022-04-02 10:22

The most festive Christmas and New Year at the end of the year is finally here! Of course, new equipment must be purchased during the festival, and the exquisite girls have all started their own high-quality manicure journey.  

In addition to a single Christmas and New Year style, OK! Today, I also prepared some versatile and personalized nail templates for you, and the party will be arranged at the end of the year!

Vintage Red and Green Christmas Nail Art

Christmas manicures are of course essential for Christmas elements.

Put elk, snowflakes and Santa Claus at your fingertips, the lovely style, the perfect combination of red and green, is full of Christmas atmosphere.

Sisters who take the cute and quirky route don't have to worry about stepping on thunder, and little fairies with short armour are not afraid of being unable to control them. Even if their nails are long, the border at the bottom will not be too obvious.

In addition to the cute style, there are also mixed styles to choose from. Red and silver are shining on the scene, as well as brown elements. Mix and match Christmas patterns. The colors and proportions used are well controlled, making the whole more refreshing.

Christmas elements can also take a simple route, and the shiny line Christmas tree is also a new inspiration. The ring finger and little finger choose solid colors, so that the overall look will not look messy, high-end and generous.

Y2K Art Graffiti

For Christmas and New Year, in addition to the Christmas elements that appear every year, this year's high-profile and exaggerated Y2K graffiti is also a big hit.

With all kinds of drama patterns, extended nails are also a major feature of Y2K's most frequent appearances. Most people use fake films to bless them, making their fingers look very slender. The exaggerated and eye-catching shape will definitely make you the prettiest boy in your New Year's party!

Xuan Mei usually loves Y2K style manicures, slender nails, sometimes the main color is macaron color, bold pick heart-shaped, curve, plaid elements.

Zhou Yutong and Lin Yun also fell in love with the heart-shaped model. Although there is no exaggerated pattern, the gradient purple and hollow heart-shaped design is enough to bring a hot girl style.

Of course, if you don’t want to stick nails, short nails can get the Y2K style full of individual graffiti, as long as it is the pattern you like, you can play it at will, boldly contrasting colors.

Irregular line color blocks

Sisters who don't like too exaggerated, you can try irregular lines and color blocks.

No other decorative elements are required. Small areas of lines and color blocks are decorated on the nails. The hand-painted effect is highly creative and easy to show a different style.

If you choose a color system with higher saturation, and the fusion of lines is more artistic, the collision of strong colors is not easy to collide.

The color blocks will also be matched with the mirror surface, and multi-color blocks are embellished on the basis of the cool mirror surface, adding a sense of luxury, and the cyberpunk style is ready to emerge.

This year-end manicure template must be collected, save the picture quickly, find the manicurist to pick your favorite style, and welcome the new year!

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