The strongest brain, Dr. Wei, is your razor really scientific enough?

2022-03-04 19:26

There is no mirror and cannot be touched by hand, and the shaver also needs to be "extremely challenging"? The three sportsmen will shave with a reciprocating shaver and an ordinary rotary shaver respectively to verify their scientific performance under severe conditions. Which one has a better coefficient of performance, with Dr. Wei, the strongest brain science judge, seeing is believing.

Science is the only criterion by which I judge!

Men talk about science and either drive women crazy or drive women crazy. I still remember that in "The Return of the Brain King", even Tao Zi Tao Jingying, who has always been vicious, couldn't help standing up and cheering: "What a handsome man!" This is not ordinary charm, it depends on whether you have "real" wisdom".

Paying attention to science cannot just look at the surface. In the two electric shavers used in the challenge, the rotary cutter head has three faces, which seems to have a larger contact area, but through accurate calculation, the Braun reciprocating shaver head with only one face has a larger Effective contact area, which is why the reciprocating shaver has long been "flattering" when the rotary shaver is still in circles.

This difficulty factor can be scored 10 points!

All razors talk about veneers, but is it really that easy to get the perfect veneer? The difficulty factor of this project is definitely worth 10 points!

During the challenge, even if the contestants using the rotary men's razor kept turning in circles, they could not guarantee a close shave. Instead, a "vacuum zone" was always separated from the dead spots of the face such as the chin and the chin. The Braun reciprocating shaver saves unnecessary fancy and adopts a more ergonomic design principle. Even the Adam’s apple can be flexibly fitted with a 40-degree rotation angle, which is like a tailor-made.

The scientific brain also has delicate emotions

Each of the strongest brains who came to the stage was calm on the surface and seemed to only focus on science and logic, but the delicate emotions they inadvertently revealed added a softness to this scientific and rational competition. Just like every man in life.

Shavers are used every day, but how many know how to care for men? Players who use ordinary rotary shavers directly cause burning redness and swelling of the skin due to repeated friction. Braun's reciprocating shaver uses a unique ultra-thin omentum, which can protect the skin while shaving quickly, so that the delicate touch of the razor is like the caress of a lover. Pampering for men.

The obsession and exploration of science is innate to human beings. Choose a reciprocating razor that can stand up to scientific scrutiny, or pay for hype advertising, the strongest brain, you must know how to choose.

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