What nail styles are in this summer

2022-08-12 20:37

The temperature has soared 30+, quickly get nail trend this summer

In the blink of an eye, 2021 is already in the second half of the year, with temperatures soaring across the country starting in June. The general temperature of 30+, no matter how unfavorable this summer's nail art styles will explode, I'm afraid you won't have time to get on the car! Come and see, what nail styles will be popular this summer.

Checkerboard Nail Art

Checkerboard nail art is definitely the most enduring style of checkered elements. It is different from houndstooth checkered pattern and diamond checkered pattern. The hottest pattern this summer is checkerboard pattern. In addition to matching classic black and white, choose lively colors that are more suitable for summer, such as pink, off-white, lemon yellow, etc., to make your hands look lively and sweet.

The checkerboard looks more straightforward than other plaids, and it is matched with pink and tender colors or painted to neutralize the street feeling. The hands are super versatile. This summer, the 3D three-dimensional style is also popular, which looks more distinctive.

Ink Smudge Nail Art

From autumn and winter to spring and summer, it is more layered with single-pigment manicure, and it will not look messy. The color matching is reasonable and will not step on thunder at all, but it can be advanced in daily life. It is definitely a versatile manicure style.

simple french

French manicures are already very common, but they are back in fashion this year because the styles that go with it have been updated. In addition to matching monochrome plain manicures, it can also be matched with hand-painted patterns and 3D three-dimensional elements. It is a versatile style, and the style is super eye-catching.

cute macaron color

Macron's manicure is definitely one of the must-have elements in spring and summer. With hand-painted flowers, hearts, stripes and other cute elements on the transparent bottom, it neutralizes the messy colors and does not look exaggerated.

Gold Foil Nail Art

Although the gold foil style has always been a very common element, it is still the protagonist of nail art! It seems that the nail surface is more luxurious, and the transparent color is used as the base color to make the hands look blingbling, not tacky and advanced.

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