The ugly shoe demon wind blowing in the fashion circle, socks, shoes, old sports shoes, small dirty shoes, you can win if you wear them well

2022-09-26 06:01

I still remember that at the beginning of this year, all fashionistas will tell you: The simple and versatile white shoes are this year's long red items and will never be out of date.

Unexpectedly, it was only after the summer, although the sneakers hadn't ebbed yet, they turned ugly quietly. And these three pairs of ugly shoes are the fashionable representatives of the early autumn of this year.

However, this ugly demon style is trendy when worn well, and it is indeed ugly to wear well. Learn the following skills to get up and let you change the "ugliness" into trendy.

Socks promoter + the Socks thick sole = Sneaker

Sock Sneaker s is known as the representative of the first generation of ugliness this year. It refers to the design of short boots and combines sneakers with socks , so that the global trendy people have started a trend of wearing socks out of the street.

The representative of socks and shoes, Balenciaga, the Internet celebrity shoe Speed ​​Trainer , was complained of as ugly fashion in the fashion circle when it was first launched , because it looked too much like our official boots hundreds of years ago, and was once unlovable.

But when you just started to appreciate its fashion under the influence of various stars who bring goods, the new era of socks and shoes is updated again...

In the show and street shooting, solid-color socks are no longer enough to steal the spotlight. Only when paired with colorful and fluffy mid-tube socks and shoes can they be worthy of fashionable flowers and butterflies.

Valentino 2018 early spring series

Fendi 2017 spring and summer series

Uncle Guo, who has always been on the cutting edge of the trend, also bows to the wind, and only dared to wear the most basic pure black socks in silence.

A single style of socks and shoes is actually like socks + soles, but this pair of lazy shoes that do not require laces and are super convenient to put on and take off have the effect of heightening and slimming. It's all based on ability.

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