TheBodyShop body care gift box, care for the autumn and winter skin

2022-05-25 15:05

As people change and upgrade the concept of skin care, in addition to daily facial care, body care has gradually become the focus of consumers' attention. the body's skin as the body's first barrier against the external environment,  how to resist the erosion of the dry air in autumn and winter is a big problem that people face.

To this end, ``TheBodyShop'' specially launched the almond milk honey body care gift box and the English rose body care gift box, bringing consumers a full "fragrant" aroma care experience from the body to the senses, and care for the body skin with natural ingredients.

Almond milk honey body care gift box, bring thousands of pets to the skin

This series of body care gift boxes are rich in natural ingredients that moisturize the skin such as Spanish Community Fair Trade Almond Oil, Community Fair Trade Almond Milk, Honey, etc., which are very suitable for sensitive skin. The texture is moist, easy to absorb, long-term use can effectively relieve skin irritation, and solve the problem of skin dehydration and dryness. The shower gel, body cream, and matching soap in the gift box, and the hand cream that you carry with you, have a significant nourishing effect. The overall use is equivalent to a "diet therapy" for the body, which brings thousands of pets to the skin.

British rose body care gift box, bringing deep nourishment to the skin

This series of body care gift boxes are rich in the essence of English rose, which is suitable for most skin types, especially for dry skin, and can be deeply repaired and nourished. The shower gel has a rich and gentle rose scent, which refreshes the heart and the mind when used, and the elegant fragrance accompanies sleep, and the soap-free formula will make the skin feel hydrated and refreshed; the jelly texture of the body yogurt, cream formula, has a light texture and is easy to absorb quickly. Long-term use will make the skin radiant and moisturized. With the addition of hand cream and soap, the full "Fragrant" body care provides you with nourishment.

The BodyShop injects the power of nature into the body care series, incorporating natural and pure plant extracts to bring the skin a more moisturizing and delicate touch. When using, you can take an appropriate amount of shower gel to make a rich and dense foam on the shower ball, clean the whole body, rinse, and then apply body cream. In addition, use hand cream throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized and moisturized throughout the season.

This winter, let's feel the soft skin experience brought by TheBodyShop's new body care series, and make an aromatic SPA for the skin to regain its radiance!

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