There are also special-shaped toothbrushes or makeup brushes and makeup tools

2022-03-04 19:26

MAC Masterclass Brush Toothbrush Makeup Brush

These three special-shaped makeup brushes are a set, and the three brushes are all made of man-made fibers, mainly used for liquid/cream/paste makeup. From smallest to largest are:

Linear 1 Brush

Eyeliner brushes and lip brushes and eyebrow brushes, the product goal is to make fine lines drawn;

Oval 3 Brush

Eye shadow brush and concealer brush, good at cream eye shadow and liquid paste concealer, the goal is to take care of small parts;

Oval 6 Brush

The foundation brush and loose powder brush are designed to make the base makeup easier to apply evenly. ,

Jung saem mool toothbrush makeup brush

There are two types of makeup brushes from the Korean makeup artist brand. The mink hair in the picture is a foundation brush for brushing foundation. The hair is very dense and soft, and it can be used even on the eye area.

There is also a sponge-tipped brush, which is used to set makeup.

ESPOIR Esper Makeup Brushes

It is also a toothbrush-shaped makeup brush with brown bristles, mainly used for base makeup.

How to use these brushes?

Some foreign makeup artists seem to have a soft spot for such products, and many makeup artists show off their "brush" makeup techniques. For example, this makeup artist is using this brush to create lip makeup for models.

But no matter how I look at it, I feel like I'm brushing the model's teeth.

In fact, the advantage of this type of brush is that it can brush the base makeup more evenly, while the treatment of eyeliner is not so satisfactory. It is easy to draw a straight line, but it is more difficult to draw a curve, my friends

Go ahead and cherish it. If you really can't stand the curious girls, the editor does not recommend choosing a small brush, because you are not necessarily a professional makeup artist, and the small brush may really not hold.

KOYUDO blush brush

Do you think makeup brushes like toothbrushes are weird? Do you also find this kind of blush brush that looks like a green plant, like a kitten, very interesting?

Lin Sanyi makeup brush

This dual-purpose brush is made of Guangfeng wool. The heart-shaped depression is suitable for applying shadow powder and creating a small face effect. At the same time, it can also be used as a powder brush or blush brush for fresh

Bright three-dimensional makeup, creating a rosy and good complexion.

Are these makeup brushes weird enough? What's even weirder is that there are many products that can replace these makeup brushes. Today, I will show you what products can replace makeup brushes.

Fabulous Alternatives to Makeup Brushes

1. Triangular sponge

Alternative: Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush

Triangular sponge with precise corners can replace makeup brushes to apply foundation and concealer. It can also help you smudge eye shadow. It can be used to apply moisturizing products such as moisturizer and refill toner, and it can also be used to splash

Dry products like foundation and concealer are versatile beauty tools. When painting cat eye makeup, it is absolutely indispensable to use a triangular sponge to clean the edges of the eyeliner.

2. Paper towels

Alternative: loose powder brush

If you don't have makeup setting powder on hand, you can take a soft tissue, tear it in half, take a single piece, and place it on the left and right sides of the face. The fibers in the tissue can be stained with excess powder and excess oil.

When applying smoky makeup, you can also put a tissue on the lower eyelid to prevent the falling eyeshadow powder from getting on the eyelid.

3. Cotton swabs

Alternative: lip brush

Cotton swabs are already a staple in makeup bags, often used to correct makeup mistakes: including smudged mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The cotton swab can also be used as a lip brush, which can be used to dip liquid lipstick.

Just the right size to blend the lipstick evenly on the lips. The cotton swab can also be used to apply solid lipstick after it has been moistened.

4. Cosmetic cotton

Alternative: Blush Brush

Round cotton pads are generally used for toner, but can also be used for blush powder. Use a cotton pad to lightly take the blush, put it on the cheekbones and press lightly, the color of the blush will be stained on the face without leaving any residue.

Powder, the effect is very natural and even. Because it is easy to stick to powder and easy to absorb powder, cotton pads are also suitable for replacing solid makeup powders such as powder.

5. Toothbrush

Alternative: Eyebrow Brush

A brand new toothbrush can do wonders. It can be used as an eyebrow brush to comb your brows, or it can be used to exfoliate and massage your lips, so you can get rid of lip lines when you apply lipstick.

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