These 6 lipsticks with yellow and black skin are also beautiful

2022-08-15 09:29

Wearing a mask every day, coupled with sweating and taking off makeup, is not willing to wear makeup at all.

But without makeup and looking bad, it is easy to be misunderstood: Are you feeling uncomfortable today?

So even without makeup, I will put on a lipstick, and the whole person will immediately feel more energetic~

However, not all lipsticks are suitable for plain makeup!

For example, the owner of a beauty blogger has a nude color on one hand, a light lip with white skin is a daily miscellaneous desire, and a dark lip with yellow and black skin will become sick Lin Daiyu.

If the color is too bright, it will be abrupt, and if the color is too light, it will not achieve the effect of enhancing the complexion.

Therefore, the 6 lipsticks that Yan Jiang recommended today, the yellow and black skin is also super beautiful!

There is no wide range, go ahead!

▎Colorkey Air Velvet Lip Glaze

▎#R608 Caramel Red Brown

Colorkey's popular color number is an earthy red that is neither rosy nor orange, and it can't be more positive.

Although it is a brown tone, it is not particularly dark, and the tone control is just right.

Good-looking and white, no skin color or lip color, Yan Jiang's No.1 in Colorkey's home.

No matter what occasion or outfit, as long as you have it in your bag, I will be stable!

For example, if you go to work without makeup, but suddenly you encounter a company meeting, you can take it out of your bag and apply a thin layer.

It will make people feel that you look super good without makeup, be careful with full marks.

If it is with makeup, you can apply it thickly, and the whole atmosphere will become richer.

It will not be as dazzling as the real red, but it is super temperamental, giving people a feeling of endless aftertaste.

▎Colorkey small gold tube matte lip glaze

▎#P112 Cardamom Milk Coffee

This is not a popular color of Colorkey, but the color is really amazing!

Many of its test colors in a certain book look quite orange, but in fact it is the kind of bean paste color with only a hint of orange.

Subsequent colors will turn brown and darker.

A thin coating will make the whole person look particularly tender, and a thick coating will add a little more intellectual flavor in the gentleness.

To focus on, the sisters with yellow and black skin want to start the bean paste color, they must avoid the pink tone and choose this brown tone.

Compare P112 and B113.

B113 belongs to the pink-toned bean paste color, which is more suitable for white skin and light lips, while the dark lips sisters are very likely to wear a loneliness and can't see it at all, and even look like a village.

And P112, although the color is not dark, it can completely cover the dark lip color, and it is more white.

▎MAC You Mist Lipstick

▎#316devoted to chili

The red-brown tone and rose-pink blend just right, a color that makes people want to paint it every day!

Many people think that it is very similar to chili, but in fact it is quite different in comparison.

cr flower rice

Its saturation is not as high as chili, and the color is more peach;

It will make the overall state of the person appear younger, so the makeup without makeup can also be completely held.

The thin coating is a very gentle apricot orange color, which is white and bright.

The degree of integration with the face is very high, and there is a feeling that the lip color is so beautiful.

If you apply it thickly, the presence of the lips will be stronger and more temperament.

And the brown tone is not as heavy as chili, and the makeup without makeup is completely stress-free!

▎into you heroine lip mud

▎#EM08 Terracotta

This is a very bean paste-colored lipstick with a reddish-brown tone overall.

The tone is also quite positive, neither orange nor red.

You can compare 07 and 09, and the tone of 08 is just in the middle of the two.

It is a bit like the previous ColorkeyP112, but the saturation will be relatively lower.

After applying it, your mouth is soft and misty, saying that your whole person is gentle and intellectual, yes.

But to say that you have a coolness and a sense of luxury in your gentleness, you can also, it is absolutely amazing!

However, if the lip color is particularly dark, it will feel slightly lighter and less obvious when applied.

Nayan sauce suggests that babies with deep lips use it as a lipstick base! It can correct the lip color well and restore the color of the lipstick.

▎canmake high moisturizing lipstick

▎#09 Deep wine red

The texture is similar to that of a moisturizing lip balm, and the moisturizing degree is enough.

The mouth is bright but not oily, and the mouth overall presents a very healthy gloss.

It's a very clear, non-fluorescent strawberry red that makes you look great.

This color, looking at the color test, feels like it will step on thunder, but the actual painting feels completely different!

There is no pressure to apply a thin layer of makeup without makeup, it will only make your little face pink and tender, and your whole body will feel tender.

However, Japanese lipsticks are generally not high in color.

If it is a dark lip color, you can apply a few more layers, the coverage is still enough~

However, the common problem of lipsticks with high moisturizing degree is that they do not last for a long time.

▎ Lancome Pure Velvet Matte Lipstick

▎#196 cinnabar orange

This lipstick is a little different from the previous ones.

After using it, others can see that you have lipstick on at a glance, but they have to sigh at you: you look so good with only lipstick.

The orange color is super invincible.

And to be honest, this lipstick is tailor-made for sisters with deep lips and yellow skin!

Light lip smear may feel a little orange toned (of course it is also good-looking!)

But after the color of the deep lip is blended with it, the whole will be slightly reddish and darker, but it looks more rich and beautiful!

A thin application will instantly brighten the whole person.

Impasto is A and sassy, with a feeling of full aura in the crowd.

Those with yellow skin and deep lips, hurry up and enter it!

Today's recommended 6 lipsticks, the treasures of yellow and black skin and deep lips, can be used without makeup!

Sisters with white skin and shallow lips don't have to worry~

What lipsticks do you have on hand that look good even without makeup?

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