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2022-09-26 06:02

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Are you a bit tired after eating melon these past two days?

Taking a breath, I recently saw some newspaper friends say, "Why do the same basic models look so good on others?" Editors who have looked through many pictures of fashion bloggers want to say that sometimes the usage of the 10% accessories is Can make a difference of 90%.

Do not believe? Look at those style bloggers who are active on ins, even if they are wearing swimsuits, they must be equipped with accessories and they will not be sloppy.

Besides, your accessories are all emotional. If you don't believe me, look at a set of comparison pictures. The same person wears a black coat, because of the blessing of accessories, the temperament is different.

A little accessories can radiate a lot of energy on us. Today the editor recommends four accessories to everyone, and see how to rely on them to express atmosphere and emotions~

"Druner Hotel" stills

"Why Secretary Kim Is Like" Stills

For the chain earrings, the initial sense of the scene is to see the smart and arrogant heroines in Korean dramas who often wear them when they make their gorgeous appearances. Even if the clothes are just a simple solid color dress, the gleam of light around her ears can make people focus on her.

Perhaps it is because most Asians are introverted, so they prefer this kind of "chain with diamonds" that looms in the hair, and "I want to talk or stop" is even more unstoppable.

Another advantage of this long tassel earring is that it can make your face look softer. For the more "hard" edges and corners of the face, the curve of this earring can neutralize it. In addition, the earring is at the position closest to the face, and its reflection is equivalent to shining a light on yourself. Together with your body language, it can show those "fascinating moments."

Seeing more transparent rhinestone earrings, seeing this light blue one still shines. The combination of rhinestones and pearls has a Cinderella atmosphere. The price is a bit expensive, if the budget is sufficient and you are looking for a special girl, you can consider bringing it in a jewelry box.

The elegance brought by pearl accessories is a feeling that has settled down over a long period of time. From before to now, nobles and old money can not escape its charm, and even for a period of time, civilians were forbidden to own pearl products (thanks to the equality now!).

Compared with diamonds, the soft and moist appearance of pearls is more "dignified", very "extraordinary" but not oppressive. So royal women love pearls. For example, Princess Di, using only a pair of pearl earrings is enough to make you remember her deeply.

If you talk about the history of pearls, you can talk about it in a long article (you can click the portal to read pearl accessories). Today, I will mainly talk about how to wear it in daily life. We recommend that you start with the most basic pearl earrings, which will not have too strong a sense of age.

A pearl necklace can be said to be a must in a jewelry box. One of the most beautiful lines of a woman is between the neck and the collarbone. With a pearl necklace to enhance your complexion, you can feel a charming charm even if you don't have a costume, and the collision with the skin texture.

In daily work situations, pearl accessories can be used to neutralize the seriousness of formal wear and have a restrained nobleness. Choosing a single product of pearls mixed and matched with metal will make you less "rigid".

Speaking of pearl accessories, I sincerely recommend that you buy one or two good ones and keep them at home. Yes, you need to upgrade after the age of 30. In addition to the clothes in the closet, there are also accessories in the jewelry box. These good accessories express for you: you are a person who pursues life and beauty (here said "Buy well "It's not that the price is out of reach, but the quality upgrade), women over 30 must have a few "jewels" nearby.

I have asked some delicate girls around me, what do they usually do as the last step when they go out? One answer was impressive-the moment I put on the accessories, I felt like I was finished.

For such a delicate girl, some slender accessories can better reflect your seemingly casual chic, such as a thin metal necklace around the neck. If you don't know how to match it, then it is also recommended that you start with a simple necklace, it will basically not go wrong, and the utilization rate is relatively high.

For example, this kind of thin chain necklace can focus the eyes on the face, which has a kind of "rational beauty." In addition, the skin of Asians tends to be yellowish, especially in winter, which often wear some dark colors. Metal accessories also have a "lifting" effect.

Such a slender necklace is as essential as the existence of a white T-shirt in the closet. Paired with non-gender items such as suit jackets and shirts, it is more restrained and sexy.

The length of this necklace should not be too long, too long will appear too random. A pendant is more present and can incorporate some femininity.

Gee, let's see how special it is! There are earrings on the thin necklaces, which not only make your accessories look overall, but also, it’s hard to hit the style when worn like this!

The same is metal, but the big piece is simply expressing another emotion. If there is a chic sound, it should be the sound of collision between big metal accessories.

Metal accessories are very popular in recent years, and they are also a must for fashion bloggers. However, it was once hacked and miserable before that, and I always felt that it was a standard feature for "upstarts". In fact, it seems to the editor that the girl wearing this kind of necklace is quite rock-and-roll!

Even if you wear an exquisite little dress, with this large-size metal necklace, you can add a sense of strength to the overall shape.

Especially after the age of 30, if you are blindly "cute", you always feel that you lack some charm. Sometimes I try some external beauty and make a breakthrough, and you may find a different self.

Pair it with some basic sweaters and sweaters to make the look look a lot more colorful. Imagine this sweater. With the addition of necklaces and rings, does it lose the feeling of a "fashion blogger"?

You can also mix and match different metal accessories, which is the so-called-the gorgeous high street style of trendy girls, which does not require any logos, but also eye-catching.

For reasons of space, I will talk about accessories for the first time today. I want to know what accessories you bought for the New Year? Let’s talk in the comment area and want to hear your accessories story!

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