These five trivial makeup tools also need cleaning

2022-12-05 06:02

Trivial tool one: pencil sharpener

Whether it is an eyeliner pencil sharpener or a lip pencil sharpener, we need to take extra care and clean up. Many professional makeup artists sanitize various pencil sharpeners with alcohol on a daily basis. Especially the eyeliner sharpener, because eyeliner is a cosmetic that directly contacts the eyes, and it will cause eye inflammation if not cleaned.

Trivial Tool Two: Tweezers

Can't think of it! Tweezers used to pluck eyebrows can cause inflammation around the eyebrows if they are not cleaned properly. Very often, as long as the girl is plucked around her eyebrows, she will inexplicably grow small acne, which is caused by the lack of clean tweezers. So clean the tweezers with alcohol regularly.

Trivial Tool Three: Makeup Sponges

Sponges need to be cleaned as often as makeup brushes! Sponge is a cosmetic tool that directly touches the skin of the face. If the sponge is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria are easy to breed. Therefore, cleaning the makeup sponge regularly can make our skin healthier and healthier.

Trivial Tool 4: Cosmetic Bag

99% of girls have never cleaned their cosmetic bags! We usually throw loose powder, all kinds of cosmetics and makeup tools into the cosmetic bag, which will add countless bacteria to the cosmetic bag. So it's useless if you don't clean the cosmetic bag, even if the brushes are cleaned.

Trivial Tool 5: Eyelash Curler

Girls who are used to daily makeup should know why eyelash curlers also need to be cleaned from time to time. Every time the eyelash curler clips the eyelashes, the cream applied to the eyelashes will remain on the eyelash curler. Over time, the paste will accumulate more and more, which will cause the eyelashes not to curl up so much each time the eyelashes are clipped, but will also stick to a few of our sparse eyelashes due to the accumulation of paste.

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