These items can play tricks in anti-season clothes in early autumn

2022-08-29 16:52

Sling shorts CP that should have been off the assembly line were worn by fashionistas the other way around in the golden autumn, so don't rush to press the shorts sling to the bottom of the box, this time is suitable for a wave of off-season wear!

The look of short high-waisted suspenders and shorts can also play new tricks. The cool and handsome temperament of wearing a suit jacket in the "semi-naked" style hides the little sexy. Do you have a challenge with Bra's outer wear method? Come on, come with me, how do these fashionable ladies wear Kangkang.

Bra-style sexy Dafa didn't expect them to directly bring the refreshing Bra-style sexy Dafa in summer to early autumn. At first glance, it looks no different from summer, but if you look carefully at each look, you can be commendable and hidden. Naked khaki tube top sling top with denim trousers seems unremarkable, but the chest chain intertwined on the chest is eye-catching not only has a sense of hierarchy, but also embellishes the overall shape. Fairies with such a chest chain can choose a variety of patterns. Start with the chain and match it with a simple and textured "little top".

The regular sling+shorts dressing formula will become savory by incorporating some single products. You can put on a checkered shirt to add liveliness, choose the same series of printed fabrics as a walking "vase", and put it on A woven fringed skirt is unique, step on boots, short boots, cowboy hat and small silk scarf to transform into a western girl in a second, put on a bohemian chiffon vest, gentle and intellectual, and can't run it's sexy...

Half-naked jackets and half-naked suits. Perhaps many fairies are already familiar with the "implementation plan". All kinds of jackets can also be worn with half-naked styles. With a suit jacket, it is natural to add a leather trench coat and sports jacket. Don't accept a few fashionable and refined looks to "pull back" the tail of summer and do something in this early fall?

Fancy revealing Dafa's single shirt can't interest you? Why not add some scheming items to let she change into a "vest" for a new experience; Huh? Is the fashionable and sophisticated clothes in the wrong order? No, this is the new wave of anti-monsoon trend they set off. They all put small slings or bra "exposed" in people's sight. Such boldness and novelty may be justified. The coat that caters to you who dare not show your flesh has a chance to go out of the street!

Wearing it on the outside of the shirt is like a sling tube top waist seal to establish a tall waistline, and it can also look good in proportions. Put a leather bra high-cold business "female hero" into the suit and suddenly change it. Sexy, but also broke some old-fashioned and serious atmosphere, not frivolous, but also very high-end and temperament!

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