They are all "flat areas", why are Korean girls so three-dimensional

2022-10-10 06:02

Base makeup and trimming can affect the temperament of the entire makeup. A little trimming technique will have a big change. Most Asians have swollen eye bubbles, so the modification of the eye sockets is very important to make the eye contour deep and three-dimensional. . Today, let the Asian beauty blogger Pony share with you some tips on trimming and base makeup, so that you can use it in the New Year!

The first step before makeup should be done in place. The primer selected by Pony contains gold foil to brighten the skin. It should be noted that the makeup method of the primer should be lightly patted and spread evenly. , Don’t think it’s just putting on one pass before makeup!

For long-lasting base makeup, apart from using a primer to help you lay the foundation, you must have heard of the double base makeup for the first time. Choose a liquid foundation with high moisture content and brush it on your face first. Brush out the area, then use the soaked make-up egg to faint, and then repeat to brush the base makeup area and spread it again, so that the base makeup is more durable and more docile.

Guerlain Guerlain Gold Diamond Brightening Gel Cream

Guerlain Gold Diamond Rejuvenating Gel, the "exquisite" makeup primer with gold foil particles, after use, the skin is smooth and soft, moisturized and full, ready for delicate makeup!

Everyone knows the concealer in this step, but you also need to remind you to cover the corners of the mouth. Many details still need to be noticed, which greatly affects the overall effect of a makeup.

South Korea's The Saem has fresh double-head concealer

4.2g concealer stick+4.5g lip concealer, invisible blemishes and acne marks

Use compact powder to pounce on areas where you don't want to reflect light, for example, it must be covered at the moment. The light reflection will make the imperfections under the eye more obvious, and if there are bags under the eyes, the reflection will be more obvious. Both sides of the nose, on the eyelids, and forehead are all reflective points. Remember to lightly cover the reflections with oil control powder.

Amore Pore Master Oil Control Powder

Covers pores, absorbs oil, and keeps skin fresh and comfortable.

For the eyebrows, you need to prepare an eyebrow pencil and a liquid eyebrow pencil. First use the eyebrow pencil to draw the desired outline, and then use the liquid eyebrow pencil to outline the distinct flow of eyebrows, especially the eyebrows. Affect the overall three-dimensional effect of the eyebrows.

Yisiying Children's Eyebrow Pencil with Angel Smile

The color is natural and does not take off.

Roudai luxury firming powder

Suitable for all skin tones, create shadows and make your cheekbones, nose and chin more charming.

In the past, brown-toned contouring items were always selected for contouring, but if the hand is a little heavier, the beard bug will appear. If the color on both sides of the nose is too dark, it will not give a three-dimensional effect. It will make people feel that it is painted twice. The brown line is more embarrassing, so the gray-toned trim is now solemnly introduced to everyone, and when trimming the nose, remember to apply it across the nose to make the nose look more warped.

Mac repair brush

Professional makeup brushes, hand-crafted, with dense and dense bristles.

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