Think Skin Shanghai Zhengda Store Full Moon Celebration Li Zhongshuo Appears to Send Blessings

2022-12-05 06:01

The entire main venue is embellished with SKINFOOD brand elements. The fresh and natural yellow and pure and elegant white symbolize the season of fruit harvest, and also represent the brand has always been adhering to the "food that is good for the body is also good for the skin". Brand Concept. "Over the years, SKINFOOD has been committed to the research and development of various foods for skin beauty. In the 8 years since entering the Chinese market, our star products such as brown sugar series, caviar series, honey series are widely loved by Chinese consumers. ” Mr. Li Guangxun, Chairman of SKINFOOD China, briefly introduced and reviewed the development history of the brand for the guests, and said that in the future, he will continue to bring more “delicious” products to consumers and lead K-beauty gastronomy. new trend.

On the day of the event, SKINFOOD Shanghai Zhengda Store also celebrated its birthday with the sales performance of "over 1 million sales in the first month". Mr. Li Guangxun, Chairman of SKINFOOD China, and the manager of the Zhengda Store jointly unveiled and sent blessings. Only one month after opening, it can achieve such amazing sales performance, which represents the brand's sales concept of "the essence of food, enjoy the skin". Today, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, it is constantly being favored by more and more consumers. recognized and loved.

What excited the fans most was that, as the image spokesperson of the SKINFOOD brand, the new generation of popular Korean star Lee Jong Suk also attended the full moon celebration of the SKINFOOD Zhengda store. Lee Jong Suk, who was wearing a yellow top of SKINFOOD brand, greeted and said hello to the fans at the scene as soon as he took the stage, which made the fans keep screaming. While sending blessings to SKINFOOD and Zhengda Store, he also generously shared his skincare secrets with fans on the spot, and revealed that SKINFOOD's skin-friendly brown sugar series is a series that he personally likes very much, and is willing to recommend it to everyone.

Since entering China for 8 years, SKINFOOD has many loyal consumers, and it is with their love and support that SKINFOOD can have such a good development. In return, SKINFOOD also sent super benefits to 100 VVIPs on the same day - close contact with Lee Jong Suk, autograph and group photo of Lee Jong Suk. In the fan interaction session, Lee Jong Suk showed his caring and warmth, and took the initiative to smile and shake hands with fans, which attracted the joy of the fans at the scene.

SKINFOOD, adhering to the skin-beauty concept of "take the essence of food and return the skin to beauty", decorated the event site of the day into a "delicious skin care" carnival! Selfie area, nail art area, experience area, game area, various interactive themes attracted the attention of many tourists, who stopped to have an intimate interaction with SKINFOOD.

The full moon celebration of SKINFOOD Zhengda store came to a successful conclusion. The concept of gourmet skin care that the brand has been adhering to will continue to be passed on. I believe that SKINFOOD will bring more "delicious" and healthy cosmetics to consumers in the future!

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