This autumn and winter finally have the opportunity to quietly be a beautiful man of flowers

2022-10-10 06:02

This autumn and winter, become the prince of flowers!

Choosing printing topics in spring and summer is as boring as choosing sunscreen topics in July. It's too Predictable! But thanks to the autumn and winter menswear conference at the beginning of the year, many designers have chosen to incorporate flowers into their autumn and winter designs. After conceiving in October, the long-awaited 2014 autumn and winter models are finally on sale in the store. If you haven't figured out how to wear this autumn and winter, then remove the black coat, camel scarf and thick sweater from your shopping list. This autumn and winter will become the "flower prince", put on the most in-line "flowers for exhibition" catwalk models!

Let’s get back to business and see which shows provide us with examples of “becoming the prince of flowers”.

Dior Homme's lily of the valley flowers bloom

While studying Mr. Dior's life, Mr. Dior's superstition inspired Kris Van Assche. Goethe once said: "Superstition is the poetry of life." Kris Van Assche was not only fascinated by flowers, but also fascinated by the constellations, hearts, and coin patterns on Dior tie pins and brooches. The lily of the valley, regarded as lucky by Dior, sticks out of the jacket pocket and is printed on shirts and jacquard sweaters. A rose embroidery in the Dior haute couture has also been enlarged and displayed on an oversized coat (this is a must-have in Paris this season).

Kris Van Assche's use of flower elements is not red and purple. The abstract rose pattern is pressed on the wide striped coat, making the originally conservative striped coat more romantic and melancholic on the left bank. The lily-of-the-valley brooch on the collar is as fresh and elegant as the badge that the young people of the underground poetry club recognize each other. The flowers of Dior Homme in winter are more like romance and sunshine after a rainstorm.

JWAnderson's printed camouflage

Jonathan Anderson's ambiguous design has made London Fashion Week guests take it off. If you want to create a style of "An Neng argues that I am a male and female", the gentle and romantic element of flowers is naturally indispensable. It's just that in the JWAderson show, the flowers were abstracted, distorted, and tiled, and then they were made into a camouflage pattern of "flowers not flowers", so that the flowers that were used as patterns were combined into another texture. .

Of course, the new treatment of flowers is not the only highlight of this show. JW Anderson still maintains the brand's insistence on silhouette and artistic pursuit-wide-shoulder coats and curled cropped trousers have made male models more uniform. Both male and female. The heightened platform shoes are like putting on high heels with waterproof platform for the male model!

ETRO's Paisley Gentleman

There is no big LOGO, no It bag, and no new media hot spots, but when it comes to paisley patterns, the first thing people think of is ETRO. Kean Etro, who often goes out to collect styles, did not put the theme on his journey this season, but returned to his hometown of Italy, dressing up the male models as classic Milanese gentlemen.

At the same time, this season is also a tribute to the craftsmen of Puglia in southern Italy. In the last ten years, the artisans there have been creating the best quality Italian menswear for ETRO's menswear department. Turtleneck sweaters, three-piece suits, tie belts, leather gloves, hand-made leather shoes, the whole show showed the meticulous and rigorous attitude of Milanese men towards dress.

Yohji Yamamoto's Eastern Flower Road

After watching Yohji Yamamoto's 2014 autumn and winter menswear show, everyone wants to ask a question: "Why are there so many mixed prints this time?" "Because people keep saying I made too many black (clothes)" Yamamoto himself So answer. Indeed, Yoji Yamamoto has brought surprises to people this season. His male models are finally no longer the Dark Knight, but become the Prince of Flowers from Toei.

Peonies, lilies, roses, and various unnamed tropical ferns are all blooming in the style of Ukiyo-e in rich styles of clothing. One button coat, three button long suits, nine-point wide-leg pants... As long as you want to be a quiet flowery boy, Yohji Yamamoto must have a style that can satisfy you!

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