This mask is the most suitable for summer, one-click to solve the oily blackhead pores

2022-07-22 11:15

A clay mask to drive away greasy skin in summer

Whether it is oily, neutral or mixed skin, many people will be free from oily sweating in the summer. If you are not careful, they will change from refreshing to greasy. Not only the complexion will appear dull, but the skin texture will also become rough and smooth. Don't think that washing your face can solve these problems. Ordinary facial cleansers have limited cleansing power. It is time to send a "mud mask".

Compared with other masks such as paper masks, the main components of clay masks are fine natural mineral particles. These mineral particles are highly absorbent and therefore have excellent deep cleansing and oil control capabilities. At the same time, it is also rich in minerals and trace elements, which can promote skin metabolism, soften and remove dead skin cells and accumulated oil during the process of applying the face, and deeply clean and purify pores. When the oil in the pores is reduced, the pores are smooth and not blocked, the oily troubles are naturally greatly reduced, and the skin can reproduce delicate and transparent.

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