This spring and summer, together with YULIMADE, create a fashionable pink

2022-10-10 06:02

The pink and blue fashion color has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, it is not enough to know the fashion color. You can walk on the cutting edge of fashion without hugging the "pink blue" thigh from head to toe. Let's take a look at how to get the most international style of makeup this spring and summer.

Spring and summer makeup point1: pink eye shadow

One of my favourites for the Spring/Summer 2016 makeup looks is a series of delicate and pretty pink shades presented by Peter Philips, creative and image director of Dior Makeup, which is particularly bright and moving. I believe that pink color is also the favorite color of many girls, but when used in makeup, improper handling often gives people a feeling of childishness and tenderness. If you use the wrong pink eye shadow, you will be asked by relatives and friends if you are big the night before. I cried a lot, full of frustration. Therefore, before purchasing a hot pink eyeshadow palette, conservatively choose nude pink shades with low saturation and soft colors, which are refreshing and not easy to make mistakes. Matching with the earth color, only embellishing the end of the eye and the lower eyelid can make a safe and fashionable pink "peach eye".

Spring and summer makeup point2: extreme lip color

Extreme lip color refers to the extremely polarized situation in the use of lip color in the major fashion weeks in 2016, one side is the bright and bold retro aunt color, and the other is the fresh and natural gentle nude pink. But for daily life, it is natural to prefer the latter.

Choose a lipstick that is close to the real lip color and modify it, it will make the complexion look much better. Of course, the most taboo of applying lipstick is bursting skin and lip lines. Apply a layer of lip balm on the lips before makeup to thoroughly moisturize dry lips, and these annoying problems will be greatly improved when applying lip balm in the final step of makeup. So lip balm is not a patent for autumn and winter.

Youranmei nourishing lip balm uses pure natural raw materials and the exclusive formula of French aromatherapy to gently moisturize the delicate lip skin.

Spring and summer makeup point3: light skin

On the whole, clear and translucent base makeup is the main trend in 2016, and all brands' runway styles are working hard to create a nude skin for the models. To create a skin-like makeup look, the base makeup products used are actually quite picky. They need to be moisturizing and docile, and have a certain degree of concealment. They can even out the skin tone and have a light texture. Is there such a versatile product? Youranmei Botanical Extract BB Cream can do it in one bottle~

YULIMADE is a natural aromatherapy skin care brand founded in New Jersey, USA. Its original intention stemmed from aromatherapist YULI's love for 100% natural handmade skin care products. Because of his unusually sensitive skin and sense of smell, after contacting aromatherapy, he was deeply attracted by the healing power of plants. Now, YULIMADE cooperates with international skin care and aromatherapy experts, adhering to the concept of true nature, high quality, effective and safe, using cutting-edge biotechnology technology, combined with precise aromatherapy, professional research and development and production of skin care products suitable for Asian women's skin.

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