Three girly makeup and blush painting methods

2022-06-30 11:22

If you carefully observe the makeup of the Sakura Guomei paper, you will find that they are very good at using blush to achieve the effects of trimming, reducing age, and enhancing the complexion. In comparison, domestic girls tend to ignore this step of blush.

In fact, blushing is a very important step in makeup. Makeup without blush is like a lack of soul, leaving only a dead white board. So today, the editor will teach you three popular blush painting methods to make your face lively!

1. blush in Japanese

Japanese blushes are pinker in color, primarily peach pink, flesh orange, and coral, and are sweet and feminine.In general, there are two painting methods.The first is "pheromone makeup". The blush is swept close to the triangle area under the eyes and then gradually spreads downward to make the cheeks look like they have been sunburned. The slightly exposed crimson looks cute and energetic. There is also a type of makeup known as "hangover makeup," which starts from the triangle area under the eyes and is horizontally smudged. The painted effect is integrated with the eye makeup. A touch of charm.

2. Both Europeans and Americans flush

Because European and American girls prefer high cheekbones and three-dimensional facial contours, the main function of blush is to modify the face shape. In general, the color palette is biased toward blush, with lower saturation and brightness. The blush is painted on the back of the cheekbones, which has a similar effect to trimming, highlighting the height of the cheekbones and making the jaws on both sides appear thinner. Liu Wen, the eldest cousin, prefers this style of painting, which gives people an aura.

3. Common blush

There is also a blush painting method that is more common among domestic female stars. It seems to combine the advantages of the previous two, taking care of both the apple muscle and the side face, and has wider coverage. Its function is to supplement the complexion, and it has the effect of improving apple muscles and thin cheeks. Whether it is daily commuting or attending parties, it will make you generous and decent.

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