Time-sharing hydrating mask method to save sleepy muscles after staying up late

2022-07-25 17:22

Time 9:00am Focus on creating: staying up late and getting up late, simple and fast 360-degree care

To combat skin problems caused by staying up late and stress in the workplace, the first thing is to choose suitable cleaning products for different skin types, remove the old dead skin cells accumulated on the skin surface, and then use moisturizing products to give the skin a 360-degree moisturizing care, in the skin that is completely filled. At the same time, it gives precise care such as skin whitening and firming.

Step1: Remove the old waste keratin accumulated by metabolism at night

The skin absorbs skin care products better. For people with good skin condition, water + towel is enough, while for skin with more keratin and oil secretion, you can choose refreshing and moisturizing cleansing products containing salicylic acid for cleaning.

Step2: After cleansing, moisturizing

This season is suitable for hydrating products containing hyaluronic acid, seaweed and other plant extracts. You can use it as a whitening mask first to quickly remove the yellow gas produced by the skin due to staying up late, and increase the skin's moisture level, laying the foundation for subsequent sun protection. "solid foundation.

Step3: Sunscreen and isolation are more important

Sunscreen isolation is not just a matter of summer. To truly protect the skin, sunscreen isolation is required every day, 365 days a year. This is especially important in haze weather.

Upgrade plan: If you are an office worker, and you just meet the sun on your way to and from get off work, you can just rub some SPF15 or more isolation cream, and there is no need to apply a layer of sunscreen. If you don't plan to make up, you can also apply a thin layer of transparent loose powder after applying a touch-up base cream to create a natural and healthy complexion.

Time 13:00pm Focus on creating: Rescue dry skin, glossy face, perfect makeup effect

After only half a day, I found that my skin was shiny and shiny. I had to see important clients in the afternoon, but I took off my makeup and the bad skin condition made workplace OLs lose confidence.

Step 1: Apply a moisturizing mask before makeup

If the skin is dry and the foundation is difficult to spread evenly, it is best to apply a moisturizing mask before applying foundation makeup, so that the skin absorbs a lot of water in a short period of time and restores the moisture level, and then the foundation will be more natural and more docile.

Step2: Prepare a liquid foundation with high moisturizing degree

Choose a foundation that can effectively control the problem of oily skin and high moisturizing, which is the most suitable foundation in summer. Blocks UV damage for a more even skin. The perfect balance between moisturizing ingredients, oil control and hydration.

Step3: Shiny base makeup moisturizing skin

If you find that it is not enough to fit after applying the foundation, take a little moisturizing lotion in the palm of your hand and lightly print it on your face, do not wipe it, just press it gently.

Time 20:00pm Date with the male god Focus on creating: Exquisite makeup hides my exhaustion! Precise skin care soothes the tiredness of the day

I want to show people in the best state, but the overtime work all night makes the skin condition drop to freezing point. Occasional acne, dry and peeling skin, and big dark circles make people look haggard! Don't rush, take 20 minutes after get off work, the ultimate skin beauty secret for a date, so you can stand in front of him with super confidence!

Step1: Wash your face with cold water

First of all, you should use cold water when you wash your face. Then, if conditions permit, you can wrap ice cubes with a towel on your face for 10 minutes before applying makeup to let the skin surface temperature drop before you start applying makeup. This can play a very good oil control effect.

Step2: Skin moisturizing work

As long as the moisture and oil are balanced, the skin can be kept in a healthy state. The moisture content in the skin is decreasing every year, coupled with the changes in the natural environment and the popularity of air conditioning, the environment surrounding the skin is constantly drying, so apply a moisturizing mask to remedy it in time.

Step3: Proper massage to promote absorption

Use your fingertips to draw large circles and massage your chin, cheeks, and eyes for three weeks. At the same speed as the pulse beat, use the finger pads to gently turn without excessive force; move the fingers from the center of the face to the outside like a gentle stroking to make the skin "smooth". It takes about 1 minute. Repeated several times a day, can receive good results.

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