2 minutes to get lower lashes with eyeliner

2022-08-01 16:19

Timing 2 minutes to get the poor lower lashes with eyeliner

How many girls have been defeated by a handful of lower eyelashes? It hurts to stick false eyelashes all the time, and if you don’t pay attention, you will take away the poor “those”; it is rumored that no matter how good mascara is, it can be lengthened, thick and natural—it must also have hair! Are you crazy? So in this issue, let's not talk about mascara, let's try eyeliner!

Save the poor lower eyelashes Step By Step 1. Use liquid eyeliner to draw the upward part from 1/3 of the end of the eye. Don't stretch it too long. It is best to keep it consistent with the end of your eyelashes, no more than 2- 3mm, it will look more natural; 2. After the end of the eye is completely dry, start to draw to the head of the eye and draw the eyeliner completely;

3. Don't rush to lift the eyelids after drawing, keep the posture of looking down for about 40 seconds, first check whether the eyeliner is complete and smooth, the sense of symmetry is very important. 4. Now start the most important step: draw the lower eyelashes - erect the tip of the pen, and draw short lines with thick and thin brushstrokes before, remember to refer to the length of your own eyelashes, and lengthen it by about 1mm, and the gap is fine. Must be even!

5. Finally, you can apply a layer of mascara after bending the upper eyelash curler, so that the overall thickness will not "wear through"!

Final Look

Forging thick lower eyelashes like Final Look is simple and does not require special proficiency and techniques. You can choose an easy-drying and smooth liquid eyeliner, which will bring you a lot of convenience. Details First of all, think about the "length" of the lower eyelashes you draw, because the lower eyelashes have a curvature. Remember that the length should not be increased or decreased at will because of the rise or fall of the curvature, so as to make others look at it from a distance as fake and real, quite intimacy .

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