For love, for myself, for friends, for beauty

2022-08-30 12:09

Laneige New Year's Fortune Limited Edition shines on the market to welcome the beauty of the year

The limited edition of luck with traditional Chinese zodiac elements, with Chinese red and classical gold, embellishes the New Year's luck for the charming you, wakes the skin from winter, and brings the water and light like the spring breeze. The Laneige Fortune Limited Edition has specially selected three popular Laneige star items* that are very popular among Chinese consumers. In the new year, it will bring flawless, moist and translucent radiant skin exclusively for Chinese women!

Laneige Xiaobaiguang Air Cushion BB Cream Repair Type (Fortune Limited Edition) uses 3D crystal diamond powder core to evenly take the amount, the makeup is more uniform and three-dimensional, and it brings soft, flawless and white radiance to the skin. At the same time, the lifting and elastic technology is used to make the skin more youthful and elastic, and the moisturizing oil ingredients help the skin to emit a soft and radiant radiance. The red shell is paired with the golden piglet, making you happy and auspicious with Laneige in this year of the pig.

Laneige Silk Lip Balm (Fortune Limited Edition) has a luxurious texture like satin, silky and light to the touch, and the simple cutting design can gently fit the lips, easily presenting 3D full and three-dimensional lip makeup. The unique moisturizing formula effectively conceals lip lines and moisturizes the lips, making the dazzling lip makeup more durable and beautiful. Stunning lips, instant look! Fortune Limited Edition featured #335 Beloved, #142, One Kiss, #245, Vibrant Coral, #330 Red, to meet the different needs of different occasions in the holiday party season, and elegantly became the focus of the audience.

Laneige Youth Essence (Fortune Limited Edition) contains the active ingredients in galangal to stimulate skin vitality, accelerate skin's natural renewal, and make skin look younger. The texture is skin-friendly and easy to absorb. It can form an effective water-locking barrier on the skin surface, and at the same time help the skin resist external aggression, creating a new level of moisture maintenance. The red bottle is like injecting vitality into the new year, bringing firmness and elasticity to the skin!

To Amy for a year: hand in hand to walk through another year of sweet love

The meaning of red is not only the longing for festivals, the enthusiasm for life, but also the heartbeat of love. The New Year is more like an anniversary for every couple with sweet love, and their love is about to turn a new page and move towards a new era. No matter how long you have been in love, no matter how far apart the two have been in the past year, at this moment, you should not forget your original intention and send her a limited edition of Laneige Fortune that is full of sweet love! To my loved ones, I wish her firm and delicate skin, soft and flawless skin, elastic and full lips, thank you for your understanding and tolerance in the past year, and will leave more deep and beautiful memories in the new year.

One Year to Friendship: Sisterhood is not plastic to start a new year

Whether young or not, the mention of friendship always makes one's blood boil. Although you will sigh about fate, although you will have no choice but to smooth your personality over time, and although you will always be beaten by life, whenever you need to see the sisters who will always stand by your side, you are always pleased with the tenderness in life. How can the new year be without a good fortune gift from good sisters? She has been by her side in the past year of success and disappointment. In the new year, she and her sisters exchanged the limited edition of Laneige Fortune to bring her the most sincere blessings. Let the limited edition of Laneige Fortune witness friendship and welcome the new year together!

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