To play the tone, you have to be different.

2022-10-14 15:12

1. Suede Sheepskin Coat: Back to 5 years ago

Wearing such a suede sheepskin coat and paired with a pair of snow boots, it suddenly reminds me of the college innocent girl with a shy expression when she goes to the classroom with her textbooks. Riri's LOOK coat is quite ordinary although the coat is quite ordinary. But a pure black handbag with a reversed baseball cap instantly showed its playful personality, and Ni Ni with a student-like backpack is also very suitable.

1. MIU MIU leather-trimmed shearling coat £3,395

2. GIVENCHY medium "Antigona" black goat leather handbag £1,395

3. FENDI shearling-trimmed suede knee-high boots £1,180

4. Saint Laurent square frame sunglasses £256.62

2. Short fur: The local tyrant index is the same as driving a sports car and basking in the sun

If you don't want the local tyrants to be so high-profile that they have no friends, then short fur must be a good thing you can't miss. It keeps warm and wears well and can show the world your worth and status. How can you make sense for such a good thing, hurry up Follow the steps of Bingbing and the editor-in-chief of fashion to "cold" to the wasteland.

1. Marni  fur coat

2. JIMMY CHOO Cloud gold box clutch £995

3. JIMMY CHOO Haydn snake-like leather ankle boots £695

4. MSGM  green fur scarf $1,092

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