Troubled by the embarrassing period of bangs? Because you are missing these tools and techniques

2022-03-25 13:41

Friends who often change hairstyles must be very familiar with the transition period that long hair will inevitably go through! Although the editor is currently at this stage, it does not seem to be greatly troubled, because I have already collected a series of methods to ease the embarrassment.

Today, I will provide you with several solutions for the transition period of bangs and the transition period of hair stuck on shoulders. If you happen to have long hair too, I hope you can use it. I promise, your mother will never have to pull you to cut your hair again~

Use "tools" skillfully 

The first step, whether the eyes, neck or comfort are hindered by the hair, just "remove" it, then automatically associate with the help of "tools". The tools mentioned here refer to hairpins, hairbands, headbands, silk scarves and other items with matching and decorative functions. Especially these "tools" are in a stage of renewed popularity.

In fact, the popularity of silk scarves has not diminished, and it will always appear in the look in different forms at different stages. Some time ago, under the leadership of Lisa, it can be said that it "reappeared", and Ms. Bella's interpretation is another flavor.

I have seen a lot of "buyer shows" recently. Does bangs block your eyes? The shape of the bangs is awkward? Don't worry about everything, a silk scarf will be solved! Moreover, the different binding methods present different feelings. Those who have never tried it can experience it.

The function of the headband is the same, the key lies in the choice of the style of the headband, as well as the combination of your makeup and look that day. Childhood items continue to sell well, not to mention Korean, American, French and other styles as you choose, the key depends on whether you can hold this strong Vintage style yourself~

The styles of hairpins for primary school students are also gradually diversified, and hairpins should be the most suitable item for dealing with the transition period of bangs. It is convenient and fast, and there will be no troubles such as not being able to tie silk scarves. Still the same, depending on the style and texture of the hairpin, it can be adapted to a variety of casual or formal occasions.

The last shark clip item, in fact, I have already given it to everyone in the summer. Girls who go Korean or French on weekdays can try it. The key is to create a casual and natural feeling, so you don't have to worry about holding it~

Learn "Technology"

The second step, with the help of portable tools, is of course "technology". It can be said that there are too many skills, but it is not a problem to learn how to flip your hair upside down, no matter how many embarrassing periods there are. So what do these "technologies" include? Braided hair, curly bangs, wet hair back...

Please check Jennie's new hairstyle~ The current bangs braid is not the way it used to be, the current fashion is Jennie's braid, the rest of the hairstyle depends on your mood, the difficulty series is 0.5~

And it turns out that Jennie's bangs were braided like this a long time ago, and I "suddenly realized" when I saw this photo. The point of this bangs braid is that the braids should be thinner and tighter, otherwise the flavor will be lost.

Of course, you can also braid all your hair and transform it into a hairstyle like Mizuhara Kiko. But this one has higher requirements for appearance and your status, and cool girls can pick it up.

The back of wet hair with a difficulty factor of 1.0 is also a good way to deal with the problem of bangs covering the eyes. Yuxi thought of Korean model Choi Sora for the first time, but it can be said that she made good use of the embarrassing length of bangs. You see her various presentations, wet hair is not as rigid as you think, the secret is to adjust it according to your makeup and look~

Actor Hanna's wet bangs are another flavor, exuding a strong personal feeling. Break your inherent impression, don't say that your aura can't hold wet hair, wet hair doesn't pick people, literary girls have given their personal "full marks"!

You can also do the same with cool girl hyoxxi, combing wet hair that is neat and close to the scalp. Of course, there are thousands of wet hair styles, and you can also change your bangs every day until the moment when it "growns up"~

Another technique is to tie up the hair. Although the low ponytail is basic, I personally think it can reflect the technique very well. According to the difference of the hair tie, I introduce two treatment methods, so that you can easily have a Korean-style natural low ponytail.

The first type of hair tie is relatively simple and has a good sense of line. After your hair is tied up normally, use a comb to shape the hair and style it with a spray. Note that you can't handle the outline with your hands, because you can't control its neatness, girls with beautiful neck lines should not miss it~

The second type of hair tie has a more natural shape, so after the ponytail is tied, you can use your hand to draw the outline and use the spray to set it. Since the shape of the hair tie is relatively large, you need to push the hair of the ponytail up at this time to create a fluffy and more volume feeling.

Although the low ponytail above is more natural, I chose the one below during the long hair growth process, which is cleaner and neater, and can also increase your aura.

The last thing to say is the handling of bangs. The first way to be lazy is to simply have a French wool roll to perfectly digest the length of the bangs in the transition period. Of course, if you experience bangs from long hair and short hair, but don't want to regret it, you can start with French wool rolls.

Eight character bangs, egg roll bangs... In fact, there are thousands of ways to roll bangs, as long as they look good and do not block the eyes.

When I saw the last one, I said I liked it very much. This bangs roll, assists with makeup, can't be used in daily life, and it can always come in handy for parties and other activities. And if you are a curious baby, you can also turn this retro "aunt roll" into a daily routine~

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