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2022-08-22 06:02

​A perfect cup of tea is never created in a moment. It was born from sunrise and sunset again and again, and has withstood the baptism of time. A good tea knows how to bloom at the perfect moment, neither too late nor too early, just in time.

It is the fragrance of deja vu after thousands of sails. Like a familiar face, but barely glimpsed; a moment in company with others and a moment in solitude with oneself.

In reflection, in study; then, when the time is right, in the art of creation, enter the place where the past meets the present.

It's the condensation of everything, the places you've been and everything you've ever known; meeting that moment of inspiration, even when everyone's busy with the mundane,

There will always be a moment to stop and have a cup of tea.

There is always a time to stop and enjoy tea

The power of a cup of tea can often create an inner "island of calm" in your day. A moment of contemplation, a pause for reflection. Maybe it's because our busy lives often make us forget to "slow down." "Refreshment time" (whatever time you choose) creates a space for you to take a break and think for yourself. Making time to sip a cup of mellow and rich tea is not only a way to arrange your day's work and life freely, but also means to leave time for deep thinking.

Tea tasting is not just for a moment

Tea is not only a journey of your inner mind, but also a journey around the world through your cup of tea. This journey can take many forms: it can be a magical journey that takes you to a foreign land by experiencing/drinking a particular TWG Tea; it can be mystical magic, what Mother Nature has given us Turns into a truly magical, special and unique gift; or, it can be a journey within your mind, going back in time or being aware of the present moment, like Proust, a sip of tea can open that memory , recalling the past.

*Proustian Proustian. Proust Effect: Just smelling something you have smelled before will open up the memory of that time.

Tea presents a map of the world; tea tasting is a journey to explore heritage and culture. TWG Tea's teas actually come from all over the world, which is why TWG Tea has such a wide variety of flavors and textures to choose from. The connection made through tea tasting is an inner connection that will never be forgotten.

It's obviously all about the joy one experiences in quiet admiration, and the joy of sharing a moment of tea with others. Whether it is immersion alone or contemplation and conversation over a cup of tea with friends, it gradually becomes rich, profound, beneficial, and insightful.

Whether or not to compare with other "intoxicating" drinks is a multiple choice question, but "where to drink" can also be compared...drinking tea makes for more memorable experiences and conversations with friends Deeper, more fulfilling. Tea has its own charming "intoxication", a feeling of exciting intoxication without hangover! Tea can elevate any moment in the journey of life. And, "tea time" is something to be celebrated...

There will always be moments to stop and have a cup of tea, for you, for me, and for us.

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