Two-dimensional bangs are hot in the circle of friends

2022-07-28 17:31

For girls with softer hair, you can try this short bangs + airy styling , translucent and makeup to make the facial features more refined.

And this kind of straight bangs will not look silly. The bangs are divided into strips and feel very refreshing, suitable for girls with thick and hard hair.

For the length and thickness of the two-dimensional bangs, there is also a lot of room for free play, so it is shorter, with a little natural curl , and it feels double cute!

Although the two-dimensional bangs are now combined with short hair , the long-haired girl is also cute, but it is a little shorter than Qi bangs , which is more versatile and safer than short hair.

This year, the second dimension bangs are on fire. They used to be the favorite hairstyles of the niche . Now they have been recognized by the public aesthetics. Girls from all countries are bravely trying this hairstyle. Short bangs + short hair are even more adorable!

The limit of the two-dimensional bangs is this kind. Can you hold such an alternative style of painting? The ultra-short pot cover bangs and the girl are quite good.

This kind of bangs, which seems to be drawn with a brush, is really challenging for appearance, and it is also a great test for girls' temperament, and is suitable for trendy girls.

This ultra-thin model is suitable for people who want bangs but worry about not being able to take care of them. The thin layer does not appear to be very obtrusive, and it can be adapted even if the bangs are left for the first time.

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