Unique and unique to create the only jia person Chinese style fashion festival gorgeously unveiled

2022-08-22 06:01

[October 23, 2015, Beijing] The 2015 "Jiaren Chinese Style • Unique and Unique" International Top Fashion Design Awards hosted by the international high-end women's fashion magazine "Marie Claire" was staged in Beijing's Forbidden City Taimiao. As a long-awaited annual event in the fashion industry, this year, 21 unique global top fashion brands will bring exquisite and "only" classic works with the theme of movies. The exclusive title sponsor, FAW-Volkswagen Audi, provided the only official designated car for this event, and brought the new Audi A7 family to the grand ceremony, adding a strong touch to the Chinese style of this year.

The new Audi A7 has always adhered to the unique design concept, bringing users an elegant, excellent and charming driving experience. Annual Unique Design Awards. Mr. Yu Qiutao, Deputy General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division, said: "As a model of the perfect combination of dynamism and elegance, the new Audi A7 family fully demonstrates the design aesthetics of the century-old legendary brand of Audi, and its birth is also full of The legendary color." The new Audi A7 fashion blockbuster "Unique and Unique" also had its world premiere at the ceremony.

At the ceremony site, the 2016 "Happiness at the Fingertips" public welfare action was also officially launched. joint public welfare action. Jiaren Women's Happiness Fund continues to pay attention to the endangered traditional Chinese handicrafts and the lives of craftsmen in impoverished mountainous areas. In 5 years, it carried out Miao embroidery handcraft inheritance training in 8 villages in Guizhou Province, saved 7 endangered embroidery methods, and completed more than 1,000 embroidery techniques. Pieces of Miao embroidery works, more than 600 embroidered mother families have obtained considerable economic benefits. In order to allow Chinese women to live a dignified and happy life and to regenerate traditional craftsmanship through modern design, the "Happiness at the Fingertips" public welfare campaign began in 2016, bringing together the advantages of all parties to protect traditional craftsmanship and improve remote areas. The lives of women and children explore the path of sustainable development.

On the night of the ceremony, the stars were shining brightly, and thousands of guests gathered together, adding new vitality to the ancient Forbidden City. Ms. Yang Wen, CEO of Hearst Media Advertising Group China, Ms. Liu Ying, General Manager of Marie Claire Brand, and Ms. Deng Li, Chief Content Officer of Marie Claire Brand, admired and witnessed the unveiling of all the awards with the guests present. Deng Li said, "This year, we have the honor to invite 21 top fashion brands in the world to design and produce unique works around the same theme, integrating the designers' love and emotion into the design. These works are unique and precious. We hope to take this opportunity to present the different understandings of fashion between the East and the West to Chinese readers, and push Western brands’ understanding of Chinese style to a deeper level.” "

Since Marie Claire held the Chinese Style International Top Fashion Design Awards for the first time in 2008, this event, which aims to show the exchange of fashion and culture between the East and the West and inspire new design sparks, has been strongly supported by many top international brands. So far, more than 100 unique design works have been accumulated, and many well-known design masters in the fashion industry have participated in them. This year, 21 top brands and designers who were invited to participate in the creation of the theme of "movie" designed and produced many fine products for Jiaren's Chinese style within the specified time. The teacher's favorite movie, as well as the wishes and tribute to the Chinese style of Jiaren, are very innovative and personal.

Trends and fashions never stop. Only by being "unique" can we "create uniqueness" and become an eternal classic. Every year, the top fashion design award of jiaren Chinese style will bring surprising discoveries. This year, 21 unique brands will bring exquisite and "unique" classic works with the theme of movies. The new Audi A7 always insists on The unique design concept has won this year's unique design award.

The event was also strongly supported by major brands: MAYSU, a high-end cosmetic brand under JALA, a leading cosmetics company in China, not only created makeup for all the catwalk models that night, but also brought an unforgettable MAYSU makeup show to the guests. ——Chinese Color Peach Blossom Makeup, which uses exquisite colors and incorporates modern fashion elements, conveying the essence of oriental aesthetics and art. The participation of CreditEase Wealth is also the first time a financial brand has set foot in the fashion field. Ordos specially prepared cashmere scarves to bring the warmest care to the guests. Tencent Video broadcast the whole event live.

In 2016, "Marie Claire" will enter a new beginning. While committed to making more women attractive and intelligent, it will continue to encourage more Chinese design inspiration and creativity, and continue to promote the development of China's fashion industry.

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