Unpacking report of cheap cleansing

2023-01-23 06:01

Innisfree Jeju Acorus Urban Purifying Cleansing Foam

Mainly "Care for Urban Skin", it combines the three functions of decontamination, moisturizing and soothing, and is equipped with a silicone massage brush. This is a soap-based cleansing foam, and the cleaning power is generally strong. After using the brush head, it can be removed and rinsed carefully. The foam is very dense, with a faint, sweet herbal aroma.

L'Oreal Rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Gel

Double hyaluronic acid introduction technology, the large molecule hyaluronic acid locks water and moisturizes, and the small molecule hyaluronic acid penetrates into the bottom of the muscle. Amino acid ingredients gently cleanse the skin. The gel texture can also produce rich foam, and it will not feel tight while being gentle cleansing.

Ji Rui core muscle key cleansing cream EX

With cleansing ingredients derived from plants. The delicate and dense foam gently cleanses the dirt and aging skin from the external environment. With double mineral essence to moisturize the skin, it will be moisturized and not easy to tighten after use. Rich and dense foam, a cleansing cream that gently cleanses the skin and moisturizes the skin. The new mineral barrier protection essence is added to moisturize the skin while helping to accelerate the repair of the skin's barrier function. A little bit can make a lot of foam. The cleansing cream is white cream with a light fragrance.

You Lai Facial Cleanser

The cleanser is aimed at dry and sensitive skin. Its creamy texture makes it easier to produce soft and dense foam. It is rich in moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, and the foam is dense and elastic, which enhances cleansing power. The fresh citrus floral scent combined with woody scent I like this scent very much! It can also foam quickly in hard water, the foam is dense and elastic, and it can gently remove old dead skin cells, leaving the skin transparent, moisturized and not tight.

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