Create a makeup with zero negative reviews

2022-09-22 13:28

Olivia Palermo Zero Negative Makeup

The 2015 autumn and winter fashion week has come to an end. Every time she shows up and dresses up from head to toe, she has zero negative comments. Olivia Palermo, an almost impeccable New York fashion lady, is the world wherever she goes. Fashion fans chase the focus! The makeup and hair that appear every time are not repeated and very elegant, which is a great inspiration for us who don't know how to dress up every day when we go out! Decided to use her as a reference target for makeup and hair during the week, let's take a look!

Show up at Fashion Week in a bright Chloe mustard coat! And to go with this spring look is the airy wavy and slightly curly hairstyle! Skin is also complimented with a light, translucent pink-purple eye makeup.

Olivia with a radiant smile at the Vionnet venue! The difference from the previous look is that her metallic shimmering eye shadow and coral pink lip gloss make the entire face more plump and translucent! Wearing a neutral suit jacket with a casual hairstyle highlights a capable femininity.

Olivia Palermo at Carolina Herrera with gorgeous makeup. The pink eye shadow adds extension to the eyelid, and draws the eyeliner from the top of the pupil to the end of the eye. 

Wearing a chunky knit and an ethnic coat at the Diane von Furstenberg show. When choosing a formal casual style, Olivia Palermo usually wears elegant and clean makeup. On this day, she focused on the slender eyeliner, and the eyelashes also showed a slender curl.

Olivia Palermo, who attended the opening party of FENDI's flagship store in New York, abandoned her past feminine pink makeup today and showed up with a personalized makeup look! Light nude makeup and full frame eyeliner make the facial features more three-dimensional and the eyes more piercing!

Rebecca Minkoff spotted Olivia Palermo outside the venue! And her hairstyle this time is very elegant. After straightening her hair with an ion clip, she braided a small section of hair into a three-strand braid, wrapped around the back hair and tucked it neatly. Straight ends and a shiny crown are the keys to this hairstyle!

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